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I would like to communicate with someone who has studied reliogions.?

I am very confused about what religion I actually follow.I’m 25 and have a 2 y/o and I think I need to determine what I believe and follow it. I feel this will make me more grounded and also, it would make me happy to find more out about myself. I feel I am very earth-centered and I have always felt I am a ‘witch’. Although I’m not sure I follow or am educated enough to try Wicca…basically I believe I am a pagan-witch. I use my energy to pray and believe small things like a broom at the door really does work if you believe it and use your energy. Prayer, however has never let me down and I believe it’s a form of Magic. channelling the ‘supreme’. which…i’m not sure WHAT it is, or if anyone can KNOW what this power is that created us. I feel it’s very connected w/ nature, as well am i. I feel we need to act good in life, compassionately, make good choices, and we’ll be fine. acknowledge something is out there and thank it for everything you have, encourage it to guide you.
but as far as christianity…I have tried for 20 years to follow this and believe it..frankly, i’m tired and am choosing to simply follow my heart and realize, there is something greater and more meaningful than jesus christ. he may have been a symbol, great wayshower, who knows…i do believe he existed, but this is not who we should spend our WHOLE lives trying to please. and putting before our own children, even!!!! i feel also, he is way to judgemental. i don’t believe we are born wicked and need to be saved…
HELP! I’m more than willing to email!


  1. Well don’t ever say your not educated enough to learn about a religion, if you have a true interest in something theres no such thing as not being educated enough- educate your self! Libraries, wikipedia even, can help you find your place in this weird, one thousand faiths world were in. You honestly do come off to me as more of a Wiccan then a Pagan. Follow what you think and it seems that you have all your idealogy down but your just struggling with a label for it. I agree totally on Christianity, too much hypocrisy and it’s way to judgemental and no one is ever good enough. But more power to someone who can honestly have a strong faith in someone which alot of people struggle to do, I just call myself agnostic. I hope I somewhat helped.

  2. Hmmm… I think you’d be a deist more than anything else… I don’t know about the way you pray or anything, but is sounds very eastern too…
    Basically, you believe that there is a Higher Power, you just don’t follow It. That’s deist.

  3. These things I am about to tell are facts. The witch stuff is a perversions of the gifts of God. There are prophets in the church that do that and tell you what is going to happen, the bible tells us God gives some teachers preachers prophets for the building up of the church, your gift is from God for God and His church. That is for sure. You need to ask God for His Holy Spirit, as in Acts 2, without the Holy Spirit, you will not understand the bible. Jesus said my word is spirit, so you need to have the HS to understand spiritual things or words in the bible, it will then open up to you. Another for sure truth is God is love, there is no hell. It was made up by a man named Dante who wrote hells burning inferno and the early catholic church brought it in to control and scare the people.Search for yourself, plus the bible says prove all things. God the Father wants a relationship with us, He wants us to talk to Him, not to ignore us but to answer us. And I will tell you what all this “being good’ is all about. Its about not dieing physcially, that is the real gospel we arent suppose to die. Jesus is the way the truth and the LIFE. Thats what the bible means when it says He conquered death hell and the grave… thats what its all about. Many people are finding this truth out, I mean many. There is a way to not die…you have to study the scriptures and here is a site below that will show you what I mean. But if you have any questions you can email me….but I will tell you right now, dont get fooled with the witchcraft stuff, God has given you a gift and if you serve God you and your family will be blessed beyond measure…dont be fooled….nothing worse than see your kid pay for our mistakes. And its not God hurting them its our decisions hurting them. He didnt make us into robots He gave us choices, but He said choose the right way the way of life.

  4. I’ve practiced Wicca for almost 20 years, and I say to just follow your heart. I follow Zeus and Athena above all others – but it’s not so much in the names – as the balance they should instill. Whatever the Sun doesn’t help you with, the Moon should. Just see everything in harmony, and it will all fall into place. It’s always good to state “I feel” or “I believe” when debating religion with anyone. Because those who see a belief as solid fact = are delusional. Nobody will know until they die, and I for one will not live my life in fear.
    I do believe in good and evil but what is heaven to me, maybe hell to you – and vise versa. The Goddess is just as important as the God. Only you can decide what you feel to be true, and when you do decide don’t let anyone take it away from you. Those who live in constant fear are trying to bring others down to their own level.
    Here is something to think about, the standard interpretation of “God” would cast out an innocent man who does not believe, while accepting a serial killer who repents? My afterlife is not to be filled with a bunch of sorry criminals.
    I hope you find what you are looking for, peace be with you-


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