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I would like to be visited by a succubus. Do you how I can make this happen?

I think it would be awesome to have a succubus come and visit me.
How do you get the word out to the succubi that you want them to come and visit you?
Do you do some kind of ritual?
Do you have a seance?
Do you use a Ouija board?
Do you have a medium or clairvoyant help you contact one?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Asked over and over???????????
Today is the first time I asked.


  1. What? U mean u still havent gotten an answer to this same question uve been posting OVER AND OVER AND OVER….? Im sure if anyone knew theyd tell u just so u can stop asking. So im afraid nobody knows.

  2. Here’s how:
    you need to cleanse your body 1st
    take an enormous amount of laxative for ten days straight
    also drink plenty of tabasco sauce
    when you can’t sit down your are now “clear”

  3. I have attacked by a succubus before.
    It is NOT as fun and cool as think it might be.
    It was scary as he–
    I hope it never happens again.

  4. You pay $100 to a hooker and tell her to dress up kinky. Or however else succubi are meant to be dressed. Even if real succubi exist (which they don’t), this is still an easier way.

  5. gosh !! sometimes I do not know what to believe… I m sure there is much more than what we can see and sense but also there are too many lies out there that it is sort of confusing


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