I would like a good site relating to the basics of renaissance alchemy, mysticism, and the occult.?

magic, air, energy
Photo by LeandroDeCarvalho on Pixabay

I am most interested in Paracelsus, John Dee, and the Rosicrucian Brotherhood; and various theories on how they are connected.

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Loren S

The Illustrated Guide to Color Alchemy
(( This is an in-character handbook to all the different regional armor dyes, political garments, noble garments and other clothing worn in DarkAges, a game world created by Nexon, who owns the copyright to all images included here. This site contains VERY LARGE GRAPHICS saved at maximum resolution to preserve detail, so regular modem users will need patience. ))
Many, many Aislings and Mundanes obliged us by posing for these sketches, by helping us tailor, and by sharing the details of how different garments are created. We wish to thank them for their generosity and kindness.
– Raeven and Maiala Kyrkonnel –
Addendum: The new dyes on Oren Island, Lynith Beach, new armors since the discovery of Medenia and the Ball Attire have been added by me, Estara – Creant information by Nigma of Undine. Any mistakes I made are not the responsibilty of mother and daughter Kyrkonnel. I also apologize for not being able to keep up the beautiful design of the handbook exactly.
I. Base Ingredients
A Compendium of Herb and Plant Dyes
II. Hair Dyes
Recipes for Hair Color
Cloth Dyes
III. Cloth Dyes – Monk Apparel for Men
The Dobok The Culotte
The Earth Garb The Wind Garb
The Mountain Garb More Monk Garb
IV. Cloth Dyes – Monk Apparel for Women
The Earth Bodice The Lotus Bodice
The Moon Bodice The Lightning Garb
The Sea Garb More Monk Garb
V. Cloth Dyes – Priest Apparel for Men
The Cowl The Galuchat Coat
The Mantle The Hierophant
The Dalmatica More Priest Garb
VI. Cloth Dyes – Priest Apparel for Women
The Gorget Gown The Mystic Gown
The Elle The Dolman
The Bansagart More Priest Garb
VII. Cloth Dyes – Rogue Apparel for Men
The Scout Leather The Dwarvish Leather
The Paluten The Keaton
The Bardocle More Rogue Garb
VIII. Cloth Dyes – Rogue Apparel for Women
The Cotte The Brigandine
The Corsette The Pebble Rose
The Kagum More Rogue Garb
IX. Cloth Dyes – Warrior Apparel for Men
The Leather Tunic The Jupe
The Lorica The Chain Mail
The Plate Mail More Warrior Garb
X. Cloth Dyes – Warrior Apparel for Women
The Leather Bliaut The Cuirass
The Cotehardie The Kasmanium Hauberk
The Labirynth More Warrior Garb
XI. Cloth Dyes – Wizard Apparel for Men
The Gardcorp The Journeyman
The Lorum The Mane
The Duin Uasal More Wizard Garb
XII. Cloth Dyes – Wizard Apparel for Women
The Magi Skirt The Benusta
The Stoller The Clymouth
The Clamyth More Wizard Garb
XIII. Cloth Dyes – Druid Apparel for Men
The Sinash
The Good Sinash
XIV. Cloth Dyes – Druid Apparel for Women
The Casin
The Good Casin
XV. Cloth Dyes – Bard Apparel for Men
The Lyrical
The Good Lyrical
XVI. Cloth Dyes – Bard Apparel for Women
The Bell Skirt
The Good Bell Skirt
XVII. Cloth Dyes – Archer Apparel for Men
The Quilas
The Good Quilas
XVIII. Cloth Dyes – Archer Apparel for Women
The Jekin
The Good Jekin
XIX. Cloth Dyes – GladiatorApparel for Men
The Arglon
The Good Arglon
XX. Cloth Dyes – Gladiator Apparel for Women
The Frayloc
The Good Frayloc
XXI. Cloth Dyes – Summoner Apparel for Men
The Talma
The Good Talma
XXII. Cloth Dyes – Summoner Apparel for Women
The Fichu
The Good Fichu
XXIII. Specialty Apparel
Peasant Clothes Wedding Clothes
Ball Attire Bathing Garments
Noble Garments Political Garb
Rucesion Political Garb Mileth Political Garb
XXIV. Accessories
Boots Hats for Men
Hats for Women


Go to http://groups.myspace.com/occult . There is a scrolldown box labelled “links” right under the welcome message. it has a TON of good resources on various forms of occultism.


The site is probably the foremost modern archive of alchemical treatises and education on alchemy
Also try http://www.alchemylab.com
Try this site as well. It is an academic online journal (free) on esotericism and includes papers and book reviews on magic and alchemy