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I wonder if meditating on a chair is as effective as be on a lotus position?

I tried the crossed legs . lotus even the Japanese positions and it hurts my legs( I am 47). I wonder if I practice Zen Meditation on a chair it would be the same and as effective? If yes , should I get a special chair?/


  1. The idea is to be comfortable. Many practicers suggest the use of pillows or chairs. Doesn’t matter what kind just be mindful of how you are sitting and if your leg goes numb, realize the awareness of your numb leg. Whatever works best for you!

  2. Hello Roland
    Any seated position is fine. Making sure that spine & neck are well postured is of more importance.

  3. You may sit on a chair if your legs hurt. Lotus position is best for keeping spine straight. The straight spine is important because the flow of pranic energy doesn’t get disrupted.
    Think of the medical symbol of two snakes around the staff in helix position (caduceus). This symbolizes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system both need to be balanced and the flow of prana must not be obstructed.
    So in summary you may use the chair, but keep your spine as well as head straight, no slouching. Then it will work good.


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