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I wonder how many more than I on YA have studied Dream Telepathy?

Were you successful?
Did you learn lucid dreaming first?
One of my books on the subject is “Dream Telepathy” “Experiments in Nocturnal ESP.” Montague Ullman M.D. and Stanley Krippner PH.D.
Published by Macmillan Publishing Co. (36 years ago.)


  1. I assume that by dream telepathy you mean contacting others through dreaming? I have not studied it though i am very interested in it…as for lucid dreaming, i taught myself when i was twelve years old and the results were amazing, it is such an incredible thing to be able to direct and control your dreams. I’m sure if you’ve practiced lucid dreaming you can attest to that yourself 🙂

  2. Terry, I have not studied dream telepathy although I have experienced it. There is one person in this world who frequently communicates with me telepathically, be it while awake or asleep. I’ve had communications with others in this way too, but nothing like what he and I share.


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