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i wish to do a study on telepathy do you know o any books or sites that will show you how to use it?

i have stumbled apon sites that give discription as to what it meansbut known are discribing how to use it help will gladly be gladly apppreciated?


  1. You have to have an open mind. Breathe in sync with the person you are trying to communicate to. Imagine a tunnel connecting you both together. Be calm and try not to get distracted. Be relaxed (even drinking a pint with your mates at a pub can relax you). Only ‘see’ that person and don’t register anyone else. Say what you want to say to them and possibly after like doing this everyday as long as you can for about 2 years, you’ll get it 😛 Lemme know when you do 😀
    I looked on these sites as well. I’m not sure if they actually tell you how to communicate with someone else’s mind, I just read the title. : )

  2. My dear Maegan……
    Well honey that’s quite an interesting subject and believe it or not….but I am telepathic (by nature) and it’s quite fascinating let me tell you baby !
    However….let me show you some interesting sites where you can get further information:
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy these links and find plenty interesting things about telepathy…and just practice baby ! Everyone has the ability…it’s just a matter of developing the sensitivity for it ! I’m sure, you can do it sweetie !!!
    I sure wish you all the BEST for the future ! Greetings from Germany with all my love, care & concern…your friend…Annette***


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