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I wish i could be happy on the inside.?

Okay,I am 13 years old and I am going through alot.My moms an alcholic constant bickering and fighting,and i am going through a spiritual crisis.I just wish taht i could be a normal,happy girl.I see so many people that are happy and content I just want to be like that .Any tips ?:( thankx


  1. well, religion is one way, if u want to though. it should be your choice. go to a local youth group, or maybe talk to a school counseler about how you feel.

  2. Hang in there. Things will get better. Find friends you can be with who will understand. Get involved in your youth group at Church or at school. Just find people who will help you emotionally where your mother isn’t.

  3. Life has it’s ups and downs, just give it time and it’ll get better. In the meantime do what you can to feel better about things

  4. In the first place, remember: it’s her problem, not yours. You’ll get out some day.
    Study hard, get the best grades as you possibly can, and spend all your time after school engaged in wholesome activities and/or working, so you only come home to sleep.
    Make sure you have money saved up — the more the better.
    Oh, and stay as far as possible away from the kids who are into smoking and drinking and drugs.
    When you graduate from high school, you’re going to move out, go to university, and have a wonderful time.
    Good luck!

  5. one thing you could do is to be a friend to someone who needs it…
    if the fighting in your home is too much, some counseling could help… but it’s your parents who need it…
    hang in there

  6. Hey sweety, I think you are either going through a phase (depression albeit) but these times WILL pass. Trust me. For me, I find serenity in nature, where I can reflect on life and look at the big picture of the universe. Where I can see the signs of God manifest in perfect synchronization. I am a Muslim spiritualist, I guess you would say. There is the body (made from dust and will return to dust) and the soul (which comes from God’s breath and it will return to God). The duality of the human being; these polar attractions tugging at opposite directions cause the unrest.
    One must learn to balance their desire with the ultimate destiny that ensues.
    In the meantime, relax. Meditate. Pray. Ponder. Reflect. It doesn’t have to be religious, but just search from the serenity within. What makes you happy? The beach, the breeze, the sunset, a fluffy cloud, your friends, hot baths?
    You are worth so much in the eyes of God. I’m sure He’d love to see you happy; so he’s given you so many things to make yourself happy. Don’t look for happiness, sweety, when *YOU* have the power to create it in your life.

  7. sweetheart, sadness is a part of life. I am sorry you are going through so much. It is hard when you have no control over the people who “have control” of you. They can control your physical well being, your emotions you can leave with Jesus and Pray to Jesus to help you. I am telling you from experience, that is the only thing that will help you in life fully. I had a difficult family life with abuse both physical and drug related, you just have to find the way. I can tell you that when I was at my worst the only thing in this world that helped soothe my soul was the Holy Bible, I started reading it and it made more and more sense and made me feel better and better. That was about three or so years ago, and I still struggle but I know there is a way out be believing in Christ and that when I pray to Jesus Christ and the father Holy God, my prayers will be answered in the best intrest. Stay strong, you are a nice person and you will find the way. Email me if you ever need to talk, I am telling you it will be alright if you accept Jesus in your life.

  8. every one goes through a really hard thing in life, trust me every single person on the face of this earth at least suffers with something like this at least once in their lives, its not how you can fix it, its how you can deal with it, u can either say “my life sucks” blah blah blah or you can start to think about the good things in your life for example the food you eat. Seriously sit down and think about that, also positive thoughts attract positive outcomes…! if you haven’t watched “The Secret” be sure to watch it! it’s amazingly true, if you think about it, that positive attracts positive..so if you think ur life sucks and will always suck, then it probably would end up like that, but if u say well i think it will get better, it will change, maybe not in a day or week or month or year but very soon it will.

  9. Hello Chipz—I grew up in an Alcoholic and extremely Religous environment—-ie very controlling and angry. To tell you the truth–I don’t know which was worse. My motto in those days were, this to will pass. Make a vision board of all your goals for your future. Make a commitment to keep on this path despite your environment.
    Go educate yourself about Alcoholism and especially focus on the lesson of boundaries and detachment. Your mother’s issues are her problem, your job in life is to take care of you—-detach from her problems or you will go down with her. Boundaries—-a mother is there to protect, nuture, provide and love her child—as you can see she is not capable. Do not allow her to switch roles on you to take care of her—your plate is full with school. Make you your number one goal—this is not selfish it is survival. You have an obligation to you and your future be it your children. Begin stopping the cycyle by taking care and nuturing you right now!!! Stop the guilt trips right now and ask from those who can give you praise and support—-not the homefront.
    Chipz your happiness depends on your proactive behavior now. You have a purpose and a destiny for this life and this is just a small part of it. The reason you are going thru this will come to light in the future for great work ahead of you in your adulthood.
    When the plane is going down the flight attendants tell the mothers to first put the mask on themselves and then their babies. Mom must take care not to pass out or both child and her go down. Live by this for you—–first take care of yourself and your state of mind and I promise you—-you do that and you will better equipped to assist others. Do not get caught up in the Codependent rat trap.
    Good Luck!!! You were given this lesson to learn and you will do it well.


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