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I went to see a psychic and one said my daughter had the oldest aura she ever saw in a child the other?

Another one told my mother her grand daughter (the same child) that she had an old soul what does all this mean?


  1. It means she has been through many reincarnations and will probably graduate from the physical plane (our plane) after this or another couple of lifetimes. If she seems wise, knowledgeable or skilled beyond her years than this more than likely the case.

  2. I am not sure if the psychic did not explain herself well, if there was a miscommunication somewhere or if the psychic just did not know (fully) how to describe what she *saw*/*felt*.
    Our aura is the visible light aspect of our body’s electromagnetic field. A person’s emotional state, spiritual path (awareness), and physical health all affect the color output of our aura. (Each color is representative of specific characteristics.) It doesn’t exactly make sense to say that an aura, itself, is “old” as it is simply just energy. By those standards everything is old because science teaches us that everything is energy.
    The psychic that told your mother that the child has an “old soul” seems to have explained herself a bit better than the aforementioned psychic.
    I hope that helps you some, but if you need more clarification feel free to e-mail me.
    Peace, Love and Light,

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