I went to see a medium last week … she told me i was psychic ,?

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i had my palm and tarot cards looked at
first of all alot of the things she said were very accurate
and then She told me how spiritual i am and i could be working in that field when i am older , she then said i can see here and feel the other side , she then gave me a green crystal (i am not so sure of what it means now)
ever since i feel very susceptible to spirits and i have had various dreams about spirits , seeing things around my home in my house and an eary feeling in my bedroom .
do you think she has passed any energys to me?
also how and where i can develop my gift ?
i now for a fact i have romany ancestors and all my family are spirutally aware .
thankyou xox
i actually think that most of your replies are too blunt and harsh and it is offensive to people who have these spiritual beliefs ..

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Lucid Interrogator

I went to see a maximum last week…. and he told me I was Physical.
Luckily I didn’t pay him anything for that.

Acid Zebra, a-the-ist

…and she charged you money for this right? And she’d be interested in teaching you (for a fee?).


your the psychic, aren’t you supposed to know the answer already

Paul S, Bullfighter

They’ve really got you hooked, apparently.
There’s no such thing as psychic powers.


Spiritually aware?
The God of the bible is the Author of the future, I’d ask Him for advice next time.


you arent serious are you?
a psychic told me I was a princess in another life.
They ALL flatter you ….makes u wanna come back. I hope you’re trolling

bearded dragon

try http://www.witchvox.com/ for any places in your area that could help you in developing your skills
hope that helps a little

Corrosion EAC

That’s part of the angle to keep you coming back: always tell you something wonderful and exciting about you that they know you want to hear.
Cold readings are easy to do in person. I learned how to do it myself, since the subject supplies me with the answers and then tells me I am 100 percent right when I’m usually 70 percent wrong (as are the fake psychics.)
I’m no psychic, neither is she and neither are you. The honest pracitioners of the entertainment trade known as Mentalism do the same things but admit to the audience they are tricking them. Just like magicians. We know it’s an illusion but it still seems real.


Amazing how did you know she needed money so much? You must have been drawn to her by your amazing powers..


You have started a sacred quest. You must first take your green crystal, actually called by the ancients, a Tylacmos, and you must journey to the ancient mountains of the far East, the Colcolack Mountains. These are a hidden range, so you won’t find them on any map. Use your Tylacmos to guide you. Once you arrive at the stone of Olacque (don’t worry, you’ll know), you will want to talk to Oranoph (he’s a talking rabbit.) He will give you the rest of your instructions.
Good luck!!


Mediums make a living out of scamming people. Remember that.


I think…well,you already guessed my answer

Robert R

Did you know that was coming? 😉
Seriously, it is possible to be spiritually sensitive. The way to enchance our spiritual perceptions lies through obedience to the commandments, scripture study, prayer and service. If any belief system or religion does not bring you closer to God and does not help you live a God-like life, then it is vanity, and should be avoided.

Patrick F

Was this before or after asking you for money.
Will you give me some if I wave a dead chicken over you and say the same?


Go to this site, its free and has alot of information and a chat room where a person can ask questions and get real answers freom real people.


Ok first before I offer my advice on this to you I feel i have to have a few words with those who have already posted to this….. WHO THE HELL DO YOU ALL THINK YOU ARE??????
“There’s no such thing as psychic powers.” You can prove this.. without a leaving a single shred of doubt in anyone’s mind?? Because if you can then maybe it’s you that people should be worshiping, as I belive that is a power only given to gods.
“Spiritually aware? The God of the bible is the Author of the future, I’d ask Him for advice next time.” How the hell does this even pertain? Did she ask anything about your so called god? No therefor shouldn’t you keep your opinins to yourself? You people piss me off thinking that you have “THE ONLY ANSWER” Just remember.. your religion is still for all intents and purposes new in this world, and children rarely know what they’re talking about.
Now I dont honestly have the answer you need, but as my sister is a regular poster and has chosen to embrace our romany heritage I will pass this on to her for you ok?


Explore your Romany roots and see if you can find some inspiration there.
I suggest you learn to trust your own intuition and learn about psychic protection.
Nothing or no-one can affect or effect you unless you give it / them permission.
It’s good to see you questioning the reading. It means you may likely not fall prey a potential power – tripper type.
As a wise pop culture icon said, and I quote; ” you must let go of your feelings……. and act on instinct.”
Journey well. May find the answer you seek.


Hi princess, listen the spirit world is real as this one, so don’t listen to these goat herders.
If you can find a spiritualist church in your area, they are very good at training safely.
If not, try and find out about training with a medium in your area, just make sure you have consent from your parents before you go running off, spirit will understand if you need time to do your own thing if you are younger than 18.
If your in the UK then ‘the national federation of spiritualist churches’ is a good place to begin, just google them.
God gave you this gift, its your choice how you develop it, do it through light and love and you’ll be fine.
Blessed be.


I don’t doubt you have a spiritual gift. And most gifts seem to be inherited, just in like my family.
There are 2 types of gifts: one being from God and the other from Satan.
The spirit guides your medium is using is nothing but demons from Satan with different power and rank. It is set up much like any corporation from CEO down to district manager (sorry for the corny example). It is very likely that you brought something home with you, since you opened yourself up to the sin of divination and familiar spirits.
There are many wonder full things God can do through His believers: dreams,warnings and precognitive visions. God only allows this things when He is glorified through them, not the individual.
You are dealing with very dangerous things, if you are seeing things within your home, this is not from God. My advice to you would be to repent of any and all sin you have in your life, especially rebuking the fact you consulted a medium. Ask Jesus Christ to take over your life and to use your gift to Glory Him.
Email me if you want , I will also add you to my prayer list.
Take care!


If you’re wanting to develop yourself with Tarot…I would
recommend the correspondence course offered by the BOTA
(link below).
Mediumship (per se) requires the oversight of one already
experienced in such matters. However you might be
interested in learning the ‘core’ techniques of shamanism
through the FSS (link below).
Lastly, Astrology is a bit complex and can require years of
study. But if you’re wanting to study that you’d probably want
to contact the AFA for a referral to someone in your area
teaching the basics (link below).


I believe that everyone has the potential to use psychic skills. We are all born with it, it is just like any other skill, we must work at it to fully develop it.
The best ways to develop it is to practice with it and to meditate to calm your emotions so you can focus more on what you are trying to do.
You should be able to find a few books on the subject at Llewellyn books.


If you were Psychic, you would have known what the medium was going to tell you.
Are you sure she did not say Psyco?


I believe that every one has this gift on some level. It is more enhanced in some than others, alot of people have it & don’t realize it. If they would take their dreams and & follow some of those feelings that they get from time to time, they would know that this is true. Be true to yourself & don’t let any one let you believe negative thoughts about yourself !


We are all psychic, but for the majority the gift or the belief has been long knocked out of them. Educated out is another way of looking at it. Many professional psychics have grown up in a psychic friendly environment. Perhaps a grand-parent or parent with the knowledge has helped bring the extra sense out in the open and encouraged its use. But there are as many practicing psychics who have not had the benefit of caring psychic guidance and who have still managed to develop and hone this natural extra sense.
To tap in to your Psychic Sense you can go to my free psychic development pages here: http://www.psychic-junkie.com/develop-psychic-ability.html and here: http://www.psychic-junkie.com/am-i-psychic.html
And some interesting psychic tests are here: http://www.psychic-junkie.com/psychic-test.html

Tomasi T

You went to a medium? I don’t know whether you are a christian or not but if you are and went to a medium. You are doomed.
Saul went nto a medium to raise Samuel from the dead to prophesy to him.
Samuel cam up from the dead and talked. Saul described Samuel to the woman but didn’t see him.
No one comes up from the dead and Saul thought it was him by the description given by the woman. The devil was imitating Samuel.
Turn to God and repent before it is too late .


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