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I Went to an Acupuncturist/ Meditation Session Yesterday and Now Blood is Coming out of My Rectum?

Any Doctors or Someone With a Similar Experience, Please Help, I went for insomia and was fine until about 4 hours after the session. I went to a doctor but did not really believe the acupuncture was the cause. He stopped the bleeding and gave me some pills, now its bleeding again I know if I go to the emergency room they wont do anything different, PLEASE HELP.


  1. I went for insomia treatments, have had several acupuncture treatments with no ill effects (well maybe some pain at the time, I go to a school and the interns practice on me)
    I can’t believe it is related.

  2. Go back to the doctor if you are bleeding and it doesn’t stop. Simple. Maybe the emergency room doctor is the wrong one to help you in the long term. I imagine that the ER doctor gave you some instructions for follow-up. Why not follow those instructions?

  3. The fact you are having rectal bleeding has nothing to do with acupuncture or meditation. The doctor you saw was correct.
    You are confusing correlation with causation. This is the classical logical fallacy known as post hoc ergo proctor hoc (after the fact, therefore because of the fact)
    Rectal bleeding can be caused by hemmorhoids, anal fissures, diverticular disease, arterio-venous malformations or even cancer.
    Only a doctor will be able to tell you which one is causing your bleeding.
    (Clarification…only a MEDICAL doctor…not a doctor of chiropractic or naturopathy)


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