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i went to a reiki practitioner recently and he touched around my groin region?

i went to a reiki practitioner recently and he touched around my groin region to balance my solar plexus energies. is that standard practice?

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  1. I am a Reiki Master level 1 and we were told to never touch around the groin or breast area. A Reiki practitioner should never touch anywhere on a person’s body if it makes them feel uncomfortable.
    Quite honestly I no longer practice Reiki because it makes me feel uncomfortable touching a person’s body.
    I much prefer Matrix Energetics: http://www.matrixenergetics.com/
    It’s healing at the quantum level…the place where miracles happen.
    Gary Y, ME is pretty new as far as a healing modality but there are many who have been helped by it. In time no doubt there will be studies done but it, I can only assume is like many alternative healing modalities and is not accepted by the mainstream. Look how long Reiki has been around but I’m unaware of any University peer reviewed research proving the mechanism works…yet obviously it works. I do not recall the miracles Christ preformed as being researched by any peer reviewed research by Universities of the mechanisms He used proving how they worked yet clearly he did preform miracles of healing.
    Having said that this from the ME site…
    Matrix Energetics has collected the following supporting data and research information to share regarding the practice of Matrix Energetics.
    Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) data and case studies
    QEEG and HRV data
    I answered you last night but for some reason it did not post and is why I’ve deleted some of my post in case it was getting too long.
    Being familiar with quantum mechanics as you are then you must also be familiar with the research with particles and how the experimenter’s observation changes how the particles react. This is the primise of how Matrix Energetics works so in that sense quantum physics does support it.
    So you have a problem with the words God, angels, imagination and faith…instead of using those words then replace them with the word intention…you believe in intention, no? Intention: [noun] an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions.
    I’m going to call you on this…
    “Well there is no such thing as solar plexus “energies”. Energy is defined as a measurement of something’s ability to perform work, or measurable work capability. I’m sure your remember E=mc2. You don’t hear doctors talk about energy fields, that’s because it’s meaningless.”
    In the first place energy is a major part of the human body inside and out…you have heard of EEGs and EKGs…no? You have also heard of acupuncture and body meridians and I can assure that has been around for at least as long as your precious doctors.
    No, you will never hear a medical doctor call for the energy around the body to be measured because 1) like you they do not have a clue and 2) they would not know what to do with the outer body energy even if they were aware of it. There are methods for measuring the outer energy body so you are being untruthful to tell people there is no such thing. I would offer proof but I’ve decided to present my case as you do…without any.
    Clearly you think of doctors as Gods but take a look around you…many people think of them as demons and I am one of them. Why do you think their malpractice insurance is out the roof?
    Stay a skeptic…it is your right just as it is my right to use alternative healing modalities…the odds of being healed by alternative healing is just as good if not better than that of an MD and a lot less expensive or invasive.

  2. Well there is no such thing as solar plexus “energies”. Energy is defined as a measurement of something’s ability to perform work, or measurable work capability. I’m sure your remember E=mc2. You don’t hear doctors talk about energy fields, that’s because it’s meaningless.
    I’m not sure about the practitioner’s touching habits, but I can assure you he did nothing beyond relaxation and placebo to help you health wise.
    Edit: ether, Matrix Energetics eh? Sounds interesting. I admit that I worry when I see some new healing technique promoted that has never gone through the normal medical science channels and peer review. I further worry when I see quantum physics invoked. Not even quantum physicists fully understand quantum pshysics, let alone some new age healer with no background in the subject. So can you give a detailed explanation of exactly how it works and what is the mechanism? I can’t see that detail on the website link you posted.
    I did see:
    “Matrix Energetics is a new idea that is supported by modern physics, subtle energy physics, quantum physics.”
    Can you show me where it is supported by modern physics – perhaps a university link?
    Thanks for the answer.
    Reiki has been around since 1922. But that doesn’t mean it works. A systematic review of randomized clinical trials conducted in 2008 did not support the efficacy of reiki or its recommendation for use in the treatment of any condition. It invokes “healing energy” which has never been shown exist, it can’t be detected or measured by any scientific apparatus. Keep in mind that we can detect a 20watt (less than a light bulb) transmitter from a probe out past Pluto.
    It seems like you are telling me that Matrix Energetics requires “faith and imagination” to work. So when it doesn’t work, it’s the patient’s fault, not the procedure or practitioner? You can’t lose.
    You claim Matrix Energies is a “pathway to transformation working with The Source/God and Angels”. I’m sorry but Gods and angles have never been demonstrated to exist either.
    You provide a list of conditions that Matrix Energies can “treat”. Why didn’t you say cure or heal?
    I am fairly well read in quantum mechanics — you are not quoting the science correctly, instead merely putting forward pseudoscientific nonsensical abuse of the science.
    To be taken seriously you need to get published in a good quality peer reviewed medical journal. Repeatable clinical trials need to be presented. There is no way this should be released on an innocent public before this has taken place. What if people stop real medical treatment in favour of this unproven treatment?
    I’m sorry but I can’t see this modality ever being used by doctors, hospitals, ERs etc. I’m sure that if I’m ever requiring medical care I won’t want to be relying on my imagination to save my life. Show me the clinical evidence though and I may change my mind.
    PS: You haven’t shown me where it is supported by modern physics yet.
    Edit again:
    Ether, telling me that Matrix Energetics works because of the observer effect, doesn’t explain anything, it just makes me even more skeptical. You still haven’t told me exactly how it works and what is the mechanism.
    EEGs an EKGs measure electrical activity within the body. Medical science discovered this and understands this. They are not measuring the brain’s or the heart’s “energies”. I have never heard of these machines being used to measure electrical activity of the solar plexus. You are still misusing the word.
    This electrical activity cannot be manipulated by special people with special powers. This can be demonstrated by tests with these machines. And regarding acupuncture, there is no physically verifiable anatomical or histological basis for the existence of meridians or qi.
    Energy is not a some field of mystical outer body power — it is “measureable work capability”. Please tell me what are the methods you refer to for measuring this “outer body energy”.
    How do you know that this energy manipulation is not doing any harm? You need clinical trials to determine this properly.
    Doctors do “have a clue”, I can assure you. That is an meaningless agument from ad hominem (look it up), to avoid a proper explanation.
    As asked before, why does Matrix energies only claim to treat, not cure or heal?
    PS: Stanley, sorry for hijacking your question!

  3. There is an alternative to give Reiki above one inch of our body and Result is same Generally Reiki practitioner completed 2nd degree programed then he can give Reaki from any distance.
    yes he is not honest and i advise you to learn Reiki and treatment your self.It is not costly and any body can learn it .

  4. No practitioner should touch your private areas unless, perhaps a doctor needs to and only if it is absolutely necessary. If that is the case, you should be asked if it is OK to touch you there and the reason for its necessity should be explained. Gloves should be worn.
    In other words, your practioner did something unethical and should be reported. If someone does something like that, you should object, but because of the practioner’s status, most people find this difficult and that is why these people get away with unethical practices.

  5. There are two chakras (energy centers) in particular that I expect he may have been working on – the sacral chakra between the pubic bone and the naval, and the root chakra at the peritoneum (between the legs). Working the areas with Reiki is standard practice.
    From a professional bodywork perspective, if you considered it odd and uncomfortable is was not completely appropriate. When in doubt, I will do Reiki (or any energy healing technique) from about 1-2″ from the body at most areas, leaving my hand at the knees when working the root chakra.
    Unfortunately, I’m not certain how much can be blamed on the practitioner. Not everyone knows that Reiki doesn’t require touching the specific area, and not all cultures are like the American Culture when it comes to touch (although some are certainly more touch-phobic). Not only is the view different by culture, but the standards for Reiki are left to the teacher and hours of training vary by teacher.
    My recommendation is to talk to the individual and express your concerns and discomfort. Hopefully they can take constructive feedback. Otherwise, I would seek someone with higher credentials for Reiki sessions, especially if I am paying for them. I will sometimes trade with newer Reiki Practitioners to help give them feedback and more training.
    Breifly – Reiki I is entry level, anything from 4 to 40 hours of training. Reiki II is intermediate, and Reiki III is usually the Master Level and the Teacher Level.
    Related subjects – ART is Advanced Reiki Training (beyond the 3 levels above). Some Reiki Practitioners will also have other certifications such as Shamballa, Run Valdr, Therapeutic Touch, IET, and Magnified Healing. All of these programs are somewhat related to Reiki and are frequently additional training taken by Reiki Practitioners.
    Other healing disciplines that are more structured include – Polarity (RPP and RPT), Craniosacral Therapy (sometimes RCST), Massage (LMT/CMT/LCMT/NCTMB), Rolfing, Trager, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, and sometimes Nurses or Physical Therapists start a healing practice. My standards of expectations would be much higher for all of these, however I also know that they have a lot more training than the average Reiki Practitioner.
    EDIT – Note that it is never necessary to physically touch the person when practicing Reiki, most prefer physical contact and therefore use contact when doing Reiki. I was routinely using Reiki during the 5 hours of massage that I did today.

  6. Thats not right!
    In fact if someone is doing Reiki properly their hands do not come into contact with the body at all !

    • what? Of course you do, have you even been trained in reiki? The groin area is highly important for the immune system and a great spot to reiki! You learn to place your middle finger in the crease between groin and leg. But you absolutely touch a person!!! 3cm off can possibly work but placing hands is what you learn!!

      • You learned that molesting people was standard procedure in reiki? Do you think that argument would hold up in court?
        I urge the original poster to run this question through their local law enforcement agency and not mysticalbanana.com. For your own safety and the safety of others! Touching people like that is not necessary in reiki and it is also against the law.
        No legitimate reiki school would teach something against the law. Reiki practitioners who touch groin areas or breast areas without (and probably even with) consent will probably be looking at jail time. Please consult local law enforcement OP!

  7. No, that is definitely not reiki. You don’t have to be touched to do reiki, they can just hover their hands over you and it does the same thing.

  8. different practitioners have different practices but you shouldn’t be touched in the groin area at all!
    I imagine when he’s talking about balancing your solar plexus, he’s really talking about balancing the chakras but still, there is no need to touch you.
    Reiki is unusual in that you can either use a hands on method or not touch at all. Personally, I don’t touch my clients as I feel stronger energies that way.
    If he was going to touch you, he should have warned you first adn he should have touched at every point, not just at your groin.
    I find it quite concerning. Did you go to a centre for the treatment? If so, I would be talking to them about feeling uncomfortable etc. If he is registered with the Reiki Federation, Reiki Association or any Reiki organisation, you could report him.
    I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience, Reiki is such a beautiful form of healing.

  9. Hi, i do reiki healing myself for others and i a have completed reiki masters. Doing reiki at the groin, is for your reproductive organs, bladder… Emotions related to it, would be letting go and stability and gender related. For breast, u have to ask permission from client. Breast is more for those, who have always given and received less. Doing on the breast, releases such emotions…

  10. And as we receive reiki, clients are suppose to be dressed appropriately… The hand has to touch the body.. The technique of not touching the body and jus feeling the energy would be ‘Hands of Light’…We do tht as well…tht is more for clearing heavy energies surrounding a person. If u combine both, u feel as though u r floating…awesome…

    • You’re arguing that it’s required and acceptable to touch someone in a private area to give reiki? Distance reiki is a thing, you learn this in Level II.

  11. Absolutely not! Your solar plexus chakra is located where your ribs meet, between your heart and belly button. Your base/root chakra is said to be in the “groin” area for men (or the base of the spine) but reiki absolutely doesn’t require touching, especially in such a private area!


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