I wasn't able to move or talk when i woke up? what happened?

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Okay,so I was in my bed when i was having a nightmare in which a monster was chasing me,and he had this really demonic grunt and it echoed in my head.So i woke up because i was scared.I was in my own bedroom,i could see my alarm clock,and my t.v,so i knew that i was safe back in my own bedroom,and i was fully awake.But i could still here grunting,So i try to get up out of bed,but i can’t move! not my arms,my legs,my head,nothing! and what’s worse is i could still here grunting from the monster,but i was fully awake! At this point i have no idea what the hell is going on,i’m scared and paralyzed.So i tried calling out for my mom,but i can’t talk either! my mouth was moving but no voice was coming out! it was a choked kind of whisper,even though i was trying to scream.And then i started to shake a little bit,and my eyes started rolling all around in my head.I thought i was being possessed or about to die,it was really scary.So i tried to call for god,even though no voice would come out,i called out to god,and that’s when i snapped out of it and was able to talk and move again.I’ve heard of sleep paralysis,but i never heard of anything like this happening,i don’t know if i was trying to be possessed or god knows what.What was that? has this happened to anyone before?
and by the way,i forgot to mention that after the whole thing was over,i saw a vivid vision of a waterfall,i don’t know if that is significant at all or not.
@ No Chance withought Acid Zebra.
What i meant was,i have heard of sleep paralysis and not being able to move.BUT,I have never heard of not being able to talk or my body shaking involuntarily or having my eyes roll around in their sockets.I thought i was being posessed.

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sleep paralysis.


Sleep paralysis – happens to most people once or twice in their life but some people have it regularly.
Happened to me once, it’s scary as hell 🙁

Micky Mouse

Ok. You should learn how to ask a question.

Admiral Ackbar

Lucid dreaming. You controlled your dream. You were half-awake and half-asleep. You probably COULD move but your sub conscious told your brain that it can’t.

No Chance Without Acid Zebra

“I’ve heard of sleep paralysis,but i never heard of anything like this happening”
What? Because what you describe is EXACTLY sleep paralysis.

Betamech T-bone

I sometimes get this too. I be sleepy, go to bed and fall asleep and I see everything around me and cannot talk or move. But then I find that I was asleep. This happens to me often. But dont worry.


Some call it the Old Hag Syndrome and science call it Sleep Paralysis. Anyway you put it, the jinn that sleep on top of human has been known and experienced by many human beings. Atheist have experienced it too and they began to have doubt about the unseen world.


Why is this in Religion and Spirituality? It’s just sleep paralysis and has a perfectly logical explanation. You are paralysed when you sleep, and you half woke up, simples. Nothing mystical about it.
Why do people always think that things they don’t understand have a religious significance?

ωι££y ωσηķα

You were having what is called a cataleptic seizure which prevented you from moving and paralyzed you. This sort of “mental state” is very similar to the “hypnogogic mental state,” in which case people hallucinate even more so, and experience things like alien abductions and find themselves on board ufo’s, etc. You were also having a “lucid nightmare,” not to be confused with a “lucid dream.”
Hope this answer helps!


Your brain woke up before your muscles. It happens sometimes.
Just what you’d expect in an organism that evolved by trial and error as opposed to being designed.


That sounds really scary. I don’t know if you’re Christian or not, but if you are, I would suggest you go talk to your pastor/priest about it. Last night I watched the exorcism of Emily Rose, and it scared the crap out of me. Even in her case they tried to make her symptoms appear medical, when clearly, it was not. Same thing with you, everyone is saying sleep paralysis, why? Because they just don’t believe.
Go see a pastor. These things are real, whether you believe or not.

Dwight Gonzalez

The same shit be happening to me all the time…so i stay awake…till like 6 or 7 in the morning, dosen’t mean it ain’t gonna happen again to me, it just means, its a more likely chance it won’t happen again…but even when i’m laying there, i have to wait till the evil prensece i feel leaves…or else it is gonna happen again…and the only way i’ve ever gotten out…was by screamen Gods name..once or many times…whatever this shit is….it wants me more then dead or the possesion of my body…..as for these people…speaken upon this…and act like they know, the answer for it…when there speaking from ignornace…is pretty frustrating and sad, and annoying…because they know not what they speak…as if its so simple….when its so deep…in the unknown…


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