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I was wondering if it was possible to become a psychic medium similar to Chip Coffey or either a sensitive?

i always wanted to be able to be some sort of psychic medium or sensitive but i havent been able to finf like the proper website to help me out. My father is able to like sense things before they actually happen and it seems weird but cool and helpfully in a way. I just really would like to be able to help people out and be able to communicate with other people in other planes. If anyone has any information that would be so helpful. Please i have done so much online research and i cant find anything…… Thanks so much in advance!!!!!!


  1. Ok if you want to learn how to tap into your “psychic” abilities, by all means knock yourself out, but don’t use Chip Coffey as a role model. For real, dude is a quack in my humble opinion.
    About the best thing you can do is try to find some reputable paranormal society near you. Get in touch with them and they might be able to point you in the right direction.
    Other than that – read up on it! Get to the library and find all the books you can handle.

  2. i’m sorry but you are either born with it or not, if you don’t have it you can’t learn the most you could do is learn tarrot card which may help you a great deal, i’m sorry but that’s the way it is it’s other the way you are or not.

  3. As Chippy shows us, it can be a very lucrative career. He has shown us you don’t even need an education or credentials. I wish you great fortune in assiting fools to part with their money.

  4. You want to be like Chip Coffey, a man who exploits children for entertainment? Surely you jest?
    Maybe you should wait until psychic powers are proved to be real before you attempt the impossible.

  5. I’m sorry to say that Chip Coffey is not a true psychic.
    But anyway… There are ways to, in a sense, “tap-in” to your sixth sense. EVERYONE is born with a sixth sense, but not everyone believes it or is interested in trying to use it.
    Both my sister and myself were born with extraordinary psychic abilities and, for both of us, it has gotten more amazing with time.
    Your best bet would be to go to your local library or bookstore to find books that teach you how to be more psychic-ly sensitive. Because I don’t know you, there is no way for me to say whether or not your psychic abilities will be strong or not.
    But I hope this helped, and best of luck to you!

  6. Hello
    Yes we can all develop, it takes hard word, dedication & many years,
    I have an online forum & home study course, link below.

  7. If you have a raw talent, it could be developed to a certain extent through practice and meditation.
    Best of luck to you.

  8. we are all born with this capabillity, unfotunately our up bringing often interferes with our abillity to remain open as we are told from being young that ghosts dont exist or its all in your mind.
    then fear sets in with tales of boogie men and demons, enough to put any kid off right ?
    the truth is, it doesnt really go away , it just lays dorment until we learn to open up and become receptive again.
    there is any amount of advice on the net on how to tap into this abillity, here is one example below.
    How to develop your sixth sense

  9. Please do not be like Chip Coffey, I do not like that man. He is so annoying and stuck up, anyway, it depends some people have the ability to be psychic, whereas others just do not. Its just people like to run scams on it and that really hurts the psychic community.

  10. I’m sorry to say this but some people just born with that ability.We all have some kind of intuition, inside but some of us don’t believe enough to make it usefully.Maybe you just don’t believe to your intuition and try to follow the inside feeling, when you know that e.t.c.something you should or shouldn’t done….and than you’ll see, that everything is in the faith of your mind and intuition.So…don’t look for education of all this ’cause it doesn’t exist,it’s something that live or not live inside of your mind and soul,just try to have faith in yourself and the inner feelings.

  11. You can not “get” psychic abilities you are born with them and they run in your bloodline like me, my mom, her mom, and he moms mom, ect are I am claryvoyant and a medium I see dead people when I walk around. One of my friends is going to be visited by Chip Coffey soon and hopefully I will be soon

  12. Sarah . . . that is not true . . . anyone can develop their psychic ability.
    I am very psychic and communicate with the spirit world but I do not see dead people walking around. I’m not saying that you don’t but that is not what being psychic is about. The dead are vibrating at a much higher frequency in a higher dimension.
    Being a psychic is about seeing more then is being shown on a conscious level. Good luck with your abilities.


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