I was wandering, What would you put in a book of Shadows?

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I was wandering, What would you put in a book of Shadows? I mean, can you put in facts about Wicca?Or could you write about your meditation expeariances?
Hay! Don’t insult my spelling! Just answer he question!

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Where were you wandering around? haha the word is “wondering!” :]


Your spelling and grammar is atrocious. You should write a spell in your “Book of Shadows” on how to improve your spelling and grammar.


If you want to read it I would suggest a reading light….

Ol' Doc

Would this be the Book of Counted Shadows?

Rigorous Icarus

Put a turd in it?

Raith [Ms. Addams]

You could put whatever you want in you BoS.


You can put anything you want in a Book of Shadows – facts, spells, rituals, meditations, etc.


All of my forbidden knowledge, just for the fun of it.


taboo knowledge


Do you mean like in Charmed?
I’d put a love spell. Make so-and-so fall madly and passionately in love with me and ask me to spend the rest of our lives together.
Selfish, I know 🙂


Spells to vanquish demons.


Well in my book i put how to conjeur Dr. Phil out of your as-ses. And then you can
beat him,
play board games,
tell stories,
potty train,
eat chocolate,
Blow bubbles
Play hide and go seek
Play I Spy
Play jacks
Play Marco Polo
Make and fly paper airplanes
Plan a party (NOT a birthday party): an art party, a bug party, a baking party, a water party (sprinklers squirt guns etc.) … be creative! Invite a few friends and think up related activities.
Plan a trip somewhere and research what you could do there
Train a pet to do something new
Act out a play or story
Do one of the projects you put off until summer
Read Aloud (my personal favorite)
Scavenger hunt
Tie-dye T-shirts (or Daddy’s underwear!)
Do a paid job (Ask mom for a list)


any kind of spells. Ones you have created or ones you find interesting. It’s just a journal of spells is all.


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