HomeDiscussion ForumI was thinking of getting a Buddhism singing bowl?

I was thinking of getting a Buddhism singing bowl?

Which is the best one I could get for a beginner?
There are such things. I read about them on the web.
Thank you Trish


  1. Yes, Tibetan singing bowls definitely exist. Among other places, there a little music shop in Old Colorado City (the original part of Colorado Springs) that sells them.
    That said – I wasn’t aware that there were types or levels of them. I think you just get one and start working with it.
    Edit: You’re welcome. I do recall that they’re like most instruments – the larger ones have a deeper tone than the small ones. Of course, they’re also more expensive, but they have to get REALLY big before they’re all that pricey. The ones that the shop in OCC were about 8 inches across, and had a nice, sonorous tone.

  2. You are confusing a singing bowl with a begging bowl.
    Some sects of buddhism requires monks to beg for their food. Hence a simple wooden bowl (for rice) would suffice.

  3. Tibetan Singing bowls come in all shapes and sizes.
    just go to a headshop or hippie/bohemian store and find one.
    depending on where you shop they might be expensive. don’t pay more than thirty dollars or you are getting ripped off. also don’t buy an antique one until you are serious about collecting them.
    singing bowls are used for meditation and sonic healing.

  4. I found a beautiful blue and gold rimmed Tibetan Singing Bowl in a metaphysical bookstore. You might try shopping there, or go to
    http://www.tibetanspirit.com There may be a few there.
    I love them but the sound hurts my ears :/
    Best of luck in your journey 😀


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