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I was thinking about writing a poem about either Anton Lavey or Aleister Crowley ?

which one would you be more entertained by.


  1. Lavey really wasn’t that big of a deal…he wrote a book, but other than that was a pretty normal guy…didn’t even really follow many of his own teachings.

  2. How about a poem about the two of them fighting about which cape they should wear, or which dragon statue looks better in their kitchen?

  3. Your master is satan. I feel sorry for you because he has nothing to offer you but doom and gloom. I hope you turn around.

  4. im suprised you know who alister crowley really is.
    Black Sabbaths. .. “mr. Crowley”
    H.R. Gigers painting called Crowley
    that man is just straight up just weird and if you do a full investigation you’ll find yourself not liking that guy, but im guessing your a satanist…
    but since this this question is between the two guys, i’ll say crowley, just look up Gigers painting for inspiration, he has pretty trippy stuff too
    ps: i wonder if you are trying to stirr up trouble with christians?

  5. Anton Lavey cause years ago I was into him in a very big way, Crowley I’ve heard so much about, yes I was in a cult way back when. But even one one Crowley would be nice.
    take care
    that last line should say But even one on Crowley would be nice. And yes he [Crowley] would be a better read. The only way to be into Laey was to be into the same way as thinking he had and he was pretty close to my mind at that time.


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