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I was just watching a TV show where a Christian and a Pagan meet?

And the Christian kept telling the Pagan woman’s family that it was all a bunch of foolish beliefs and made their daughter remove all her faeries and jewelery that symbolized her beliefs … Yet the Pagan woman didn’t do that to the Christians. Why are some Christians so intolerant of other people’s beliefs and why can’t they respect other people’s beliefs?
I know not all Christians are like that but it certainly seems that there are a number of them, especially on here.
Anon – LMAO yeah I was embarrassed I was watching Wife Swap but sometimes I just can’t turn it off.
Monkeyhead – No actually it was a different one but I LOVE that lady she was ridiculous lmao


  1. Because they don’t want the other people to be lost, they think that they believe in the right thing. They try to change people’s beliefs because they believe that they are saving the person from falling into internal death.

  2. Many so called Christians think it is their job to be the “Jesus Police” and call out everything they think is sin. As a Christian you are supposed to Love God. Love People. and Follow Jesus. many people though take their faith as a way to think they are better than others instead of remembering that being a Christian is about admitting your mistakes and loving those people who are not just like them.

  3. It makes me cringe when I see Christians being portrayed in this way.That woman was not a example of real Christianity.She was delusional.It really saddens me to know that many people judge me by that kind of behavior just because she called herself Christian.Did you notice at the end of the show,she took the money after the cameras were gone.?

  4. Some people have an attitude that they are totally
    right and if you don’t agree, you are totally wrong,
    and subject to threats, abuse, punishment, etc.
    That’s just the way some people are, and some of
    their clergy teach them to be that way as well.
    But other people have an attitude that everyone is
    entitled to their own beliefs and to be treated with
    respect… and there are also clergy who teach and
    encourage that philosophy as well.
    So it comes down to the question of whether people
    think it’s acceptable to violate the rights of others
    or not… and when they do, they really only humiliate
    themselves and make their religion look bad.
    The victim needs to just have the strength to say
    “no, you can’t tell me what to do” and stick to their
    beliefs. The days where Christians could have you
    tortured or murdered ended a few centuries ago.
    Today we are free to worship as we choose. Let’s
    do so.


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