I was just trying to read my aura and….?





i was doing it but it seemed like everything around me got brighter and my skin got really white and pale looking and under my right eye it was black. my aura looked white and small. it was clear and white… what could all of this mean and is it normal to have this happen?


  1. Just means you’re more ‘aware’ than other people, I see auras as well as LOTS of other stuff….So yea.

  2. good news, you could be a black eyed kid, look for it on google, I’m trying to get people like you if you finish that glamoire to talk to each other to find out more about thies abilities, somtimes a person will have some kind of glamoire that theyer, atuned to and it will just happen, try asking a random strainger for a lift, if it doesnt work, try the aura trick and see how they react, do some reasearch, and then please contact me by posting on my questions
    not to offe nd anyone here, but does wackey but nice;0 read the commentairy anyone else writes on his questions, ever

  3. i dreamt about my aura too but i was in a really deep dream and i was having a vision at the end of the world (if it happened or not) i predicted it might come or not so i have to get away from my body and read my aura and i got visions.

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