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I was having a hard time getting over a ex so I went to a person who practices holistic therapy and shamanism?

It took a couple days until the hypnosis worked. But Im actually starting to get over him. I dont think about him when I wake up and I dont dream about him anymore I finally have a piece of mind. I was not very sexual until I met my ex (whom i had a hard time getting over)But l there were certain things that would turn me on when I would masturbate and want to cum but the things that turned me on don’t anymore they were kind of connected to him. Do you think that went away with the way I felt about him?


  1. Okay listen..No offense, but I don’t think it was the hypnosis that got you over him for some reason. Over time everybody can get over someone, WITHOUT all the stuff you’re doing. It doesn’t mean you will ever completely forget your ex, but over time it won’t hurt when you think about him anymore.

  2. mmm I just would advice for u to distract urself to be thinking about him,,,dont do those things,,,which they just make spend money and time

  3. It’s a case of mind over matter.
    If this is a method that works for you then you’ve already figured it out.
    It just depends on whatever option you feel is best to deal with your problems.


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