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I was going to use Sara Freder advice with the clairvoyance can anyone told me if its good that i decided no?

to go ahead ask for her advice furthermore i got this email from her and it said if i click here i could get all the help i need from her is it good that i decided no to please i would like to know i would really appreciate the advice.

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  1. no, she’s a fraud. She wants only your money. No true psychic will withhold information until you give her more money. Taht right there should be a clue that they’re a fraud. A true psychic, with a real gift, will simply tell you.
    so, no, please don’t waste your money one her. Look at the details she gives you. They’re very vague, and very dogdy. Chances are good she’s only told you vague details, and your mind filled in the rest. “I see trouble around you”, “I see money around you”. That applies to everybody. Cause nobody’s life is perfect, we all have daily troubles we fall into, and almost eveyrbody works in some way to earn money. please don’t waste your money on her. she gives real psychics a bad name.

  2. no dont do it. as its a scam.. if you put her name in google it will tell you this.. and also the address she uses is the same as other scam addresses, i found out..

  3. I found out the hard way she was a fraud when I was 17. I paid for an astrological reading and when I got it it was sooooooo broad it was like reading about a stranger. Then when I did some research I found out that she sends the same exact report to everyone. Just do a search for “Sara Freder scam” and you’ll come up with a lot of hits. I’m shocked she’s still in business after all these years.


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