I was gazing into a crystal ball, and I saw…?

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I had set everything up: dimly lit room with a candle, simple atmosphere, and gazed into the ball. There were two flecks of light reflecting, and eventually as my eyes unfocused, they progressed to four, then three, and then one.
What I visualized was: the orangish fleck of turned into the sun moving across an ocean, and eventually it disappeared and everything went dark, and then faded.
What would this mean?
Please don’t say anything negative. I just want to know what my subconscious was trying to tell me, that’s all.
Thank you nvkramer. Very insightful. It makes a lot of sense. :3
I was scrying for details on my romantic life, really. Does that completely change my vision’s meaning?

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You will have to meditate on it, and see what it means for you.
There are no set interpretations.

Starjumper the Dingleberry

It means it is time to share the wealth. It’s puff puff GIVE.

Mr. Wednesday

It means you took too many hits. Try to cut it back a bit. Or just smoke weed.

lauren alexandria

it means we’re all going to die in 2012.
actually i have no idea.

satin's sweety

this means u were feeling drowsy and were dozed off to sleep


This means that crystal balls don’t do anything spooky and it’s all in your head … hence the need to unfocus your eyes, which tends to blur and duplicate things.

Martha Y

sorry but I don’t believe it

Hot C

You looking like my avatar~!

Sweet Suzy 777!


Bozo No-No

I’m frightened! I’m frightened, Auntie Em, I’m frightened!


Why could I never such things unless I was high or tripping?

Dr. Alexandre Nayle

I don’t have the slightest idea.


you seen the reflection of the sun going down the ball has no power but that


That’s intense!
I suggest you keep on mediating!
Good for the soul! Yes yes ya’ll 😉


The cycle of Life, night and day, change… 🙂 When things look dim or dark sunlight is just around the corner, darkness never lasts.
Also when we ‘unfocus’ we can’t see clearly. But tomorrow we will get another chance to stay focused.
This is what it means to me, it may mean something entirely different to you. After all it was your vision. 🙂

Rai A

As with Prayer and many other techniques, scrying is a tool to help the person to mentally focus.
It largely depends on what you were scrying for. and the interpretation largely depends on your experiences – so unfortunately there’s little point giving the monkeys here fodder to tease.
Sorry I can’t be more help.


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