i want to write a paper on the use of tobacco in occult rituals or magick, cannot find alot of info HELP !?

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i am looking for various uses from traditions or “paths”on how tobacco is used and what it is used for please point me in the right direction !

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Native American rites and rituals utilizing tobacco in cleansing cerimonies.




Tobacco is used in Native American rituals for community and cleansing. I am not aware of it being used in magick and occulitsm except that it might be mixed with other ingredients for incense but there isn’t a standard or mystique about tobacco use in Western occultism. It might be more interesting to look into use of incense, aromatic woods, and fumigants (things that make smoke when burned) in magick and occult rituals.


It’s true that Native Americans utilize tobacco in Sacred Pipe Ceremonies.
For its usage in Ceremonial Magick, see Liber 777 under “incenses”.


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