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i want to talk in telepathy but i cant what can i do to express what i think in words to people?

when people talk to me i usually respond back but i really want to express what i think in words to them but i cant. what can i do to express whats on my mind in words to people?


  1. just say what you want to say. thats it. no need to ponder over it, because then you will become nervous. and the more you explore your opinions and put them in to words, the more confidence you will gain. you are who you are. you cant be anybody else.

  2. Stop drinking the wood varnish, for starters. It’s making you hallucinate and think crazy things, such as that telepathy is possible.

  3. By not putting effort into it. The problem is that you’re mentalizing, and then it conflicts with the feeling. Pause before starting, breath, then express. I do best when I trust that my feeling does the work for me.

  4. sounds like a mild form of aphasia. dont worry, everyone gets it from time to time. Thats when the words are on the tip of your tongue or even burning before your eyes but just wont come out your mouth. I had a speech teacher, college level, once tell me that if you cant say it, someone else can. You just have to be that other person for a short time. It can be as simple as adopting an accent. southern, Irish, german whatever. Eventually you will find yourself needing to do it less and less. Whole bunch of people I went to college with still think I’m Canadian. A very well spoken Canadian. So, it worked for me.


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