I want to take meditation classes but all I can find is yoga. What's the best yoga for that?

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In my city are the following: Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin Yoga.
Also, I don’t want to sound insecure, but I’m a guy, age 19. Is it likely I’m gonna be there with like 90% women?

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little miss sunshine =)

i do not know which one will work best for you but i know that hatha yoga is relaxing, it is basically stretching and holding certain poses in a very calming environment

Dances with Buddha

Last question first: don’t know if you will find the same is true in a city/urban area, but in my small town (population about 7000), in five years of weekly classes, the male to female ratio was usually about one to five (so… yeah, 80 to 90% female).
Next, all the styles you listed ARE Hatha yoga.
You might find following page of descriptions of various Hatha yoga styles helpful: http://www.traditionalyogastudies.com/Styles%20of%20Contemporary%20Hatha.pdf
However, if you see a class described as just ‘Hatha yoga’ it most likely means that what is being taught does not adhere to one specific, particular style.
Other words, it might be somewhat ‘generic’.
A class described only as ‘Hatha yoga’ might contain that particular instructors choice of a mixture of information/styles, or maybe they are just not knowledgeable enough in any one particular style.
Amy of the styles you listed could possibly include mediation practice/guidance;
it depends as much on what the instructor chooses to include in their class.
I would recommend you ask each ot the instructors of the various styles you have access to, as to how much meditation they usually incorporate in their class, perhaps starting with either Kripalu or Yin.

Satya Ahimsa

your best bet would be Vinyasa or yin yoga as they focus more on the breath and flow. also you could look for restorative yoga, which is very breath focused. or if you can find anything close to pranamaya.



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