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I want to study the Golden Dawn but am unsure where to start.?

I am very interested in the Golden Dawn and would love to start my study. I have found a few sights on the web but they all want a good deal of money. I feel wisdom should have no price to those who seek it.. If you can be of some help I would be greatfull. I live in the Mid-Missouri area.


  1. Were I in your place, I’d go to Amazon.com and search for any used books on the movement. Cheaper than retail!
    I take issue with your idea that wisdom should have no price. Those who have invested time and energy and sacrificed to gain wisdom should be compensated for sharing what they’ve paid for so dearly.
    Why should any of us merit “free” wisdom? Don’t ask for something that places a burden on another person without reciprocation.

  2. That should tell you a BIG NEGATIVE if they want a lot of money.
    The Bible says this about TRUE RELIGION:
    (Matthew 10:8) . . .YOU received free, give free. . .

  3. you can buy the books, but for be initiated you needs a Golden Dawn coven, it’s a long way for you,and you right wisdom have not price that is why it’s so expensive,

  4. Mid-Missouri area? Are you within shouting distance of St. Louis? If so, email me, and we can talk about the giant Golden Dawn book I inherited from My Steve when he died. If you can’t afford it, perhaps you can do some work for me to earn it.
    But about your line that “wisdom should have no price,” the Golden Dawn and other ceremonial magicians tend to agree that they are only interested in people who have already resolved the issue of finances in their lives. I think the idea is to discourage those who want to learn magick so they can conjure wealth, when that is a corruption of its purpose.


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