I want to start taking yoga. Is it really good for you? How often do you go and how much does it cost?

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Also, is yoga something that you need to be in shape already to start? In other words, do they work you into it, or it will it kick your butt if you’re a little out of shape?
What exactly does it do for you?

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Angela Lansbury

There are beginner classes, certainly. Anyone can do yoga, just ease into it to find your own limits. Its good for flexibility and joint health, if you get into more strenuous workouts you can improve muscle tone and even get an aerobic effect if you really go at it. A good yoga workout WILL kick your butt a little bit, any workout should, that’s how you improve.


yoga was always gud

James C

I have used yoga as a way to reclaim my body after a broken back added some serious muscle atrophy and over 100lbs of fat. I started with getting myself a cheap yoga mat (~15bucks) and began trying yoga from home – in private – uzing FitTv’s Namaste Yoga with fantastic results. I now go twice a week to the local gym which offers HOT YOGA – a sweaty 45 minute strecthing regimine in a blazingly warm room for about 12 bucks a class. Every class I have taken – despite the tyoe of yoga- has ended with relaxation techniques that put you into a very positive mindest afterwards. In my opionion yoga’s breathing and strecthing is the best way to repair the body. Give it a shot at home for a couple of days and see how your body responds.
Good Luck!


It depends on what yoga you wish to do.
There are many different kinds and variations.
I personally do Hatha. It’s a slower paced, deep breathing yoga. There is also hot yoga. This faster paced yoga is done in a 120F room. I personally don’t like this kind, but I know people who swear by it.
I provided a link for you to see which one is good for you. Pick it out and call your local yoga center and try it out.
Costs vary by country and region. Where I am, you can get into a class for $12. US.

Ashley E

Yoga both increases your overall strength and your flexibility and balance. By increasing your strength, it will boost your resting (basal metabolic rate,a nd help you to burn calories. By increasing your flexibility, it will make you feel younger and protect you against injury from falls or sudden moves you may have to make.
Simple yoga moves include the plank hold and simple stretches.
There are some reports that yoga can also improve circulation generally and in doing so help erectile dysfunction.


well i hav also started yoga in tyhe atarting of this month. well in the begining it will work on activness of your body. and u can feel it with in week. it will make your body more flexible n energetic. n abt weight loss or body shaping cnt say many things abt it as m also a begginer.
bt it ll definately make u feel more confident nd lighter

iron maiden77

Get the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga dvd.
It is awesome and very effective.
I do yoga at home and love it.


You can get a good course of customized lessons for beginners for about $100.
See the details at http://www.personalyogateacher.com


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