I need some tips, poses, suggestions for starting yoga. obviously, I need mat for starters. Which poses are good for losing weight, stomach problems, and anxiety and relaxation?


  • If you do not have a mat, thick carpeting is fine. See the bottom of the site below to see a book on the best yoga. You do the all the postures in order and it is best thing for ALL physical and mental issues.

    Also you may as well read the rest of the page since it is about natural help for anxiety. But how did you know that yoga is the best thing for anxiety and relaxation. I have been doing yoga since age 12! Also I do not do it at the temperature they do it at the classes.


  • Yoga is a wonderful practice, I started it 9 months ago, and I have become addicted. Being a male I tend to be called yoga boy a lot, but hay I can bend over and kick my own ass if I have to.

    I would actually recomend against getting books or DVDs at first, and do a drop in class at a local yoga studio. The main reason why is if you do any exercise improperly – you can hurt yourself. Yoga is no exception.

    The biggest reason most people fear their first yoga class is because they feel out of place, and limited by their own flexibility when compared to everyone else. Yoga is not a competition – it is about you, your body, your mind, and how you feel.

    No one drops into an inverted pose, or a back bridge on their first day, and sometimes not even on their 300th day. An true yoga instructor can help you become body aware, and teach you how to recognize the feelings you will have in your muscles – and how to counteract risk to joints with muscle control. Once you have had a few classes under your belt – then I would pick up some yoga books and maybe a DVD or two. The books I find really worked better for me – because they were at my own pace without pausing. They also offered multiple options, and that is very helpful as you are learning and developing your inner yogi.

    Hope it helped 🙂

    The flexible fat man.

  • Since I had been practicing yoga for a while, I guess it would best to start with you breath. Can you see the difference between the breaths when tired, happy, angry, or hungry? Yoga is about control of breaths and relaxation. The next level is to become flexible and make your whole body stretched out. Everything you’re asking for can be found in the website below.

  • You should join a gym like Golds gym and they have yoga classes 4 or five days a week there. If you can’t do that buy a book there are so many good ones out there. And if you dont want to buy a book here is a cool web site with poses and the dificulty level and how to do them.


    Also there are some good yoga DVD’s out and i think on demand offers something if you have it you can look

  • you don’t “need” a mat. any soft but firm surface is good..like a heavt blanket or towel. there are books at the library, videos at any athletic store. if you get up early there is a show called Exhale on the Oxygen channel…fun yoga to good music..i use to love it! also ON Demand(if your cable offers it) has fitness shows

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