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I want to start practicing Wicca But my parents dont like it. How can I tell them?

My mom and dad found a book about wicca under my bed and i meddiatly called my grandmother who is a strict Christian. Now I am in trouble and I dont know what to do. How do I explain to them about wicca?


  1. “Mom, Dad, right now I wish to ignore the commandments of God and experiment with the occult. And I don’t care about the consequences.”

  2. what you wear is crucial…a pointed hat, a broom, and black tattered clothing, dirty hair and foul breath…then have a few spiders and a few dead animals on hand so if they are not convinced in this witchcraft and satanic following then you can cast a spell on them and make them into mice or something.
    A bonus is that you have faith in your own opinion about witchcraft.

  3. You have the right to believe whatever you want, I’m afraid your going to have to stand up to your parents and grandmother. You have to stand firm until they listen, then you can explain why you want to practice Wicca. And if they really love you they should accept it in time.
    Good Luck.

  4. You don’t explain.
    At this point in your life you live, learn and love, and if they need to you to go through the meaningless rites of their faith, you do it.
    Wicca says we must be free when we worship. You’re not free…you’re still (rightfully) under the yoke of your parents.
    Wicca will still be here when age has freed you from those obligations.

  5. tell them everything about Wicca and stand your ground till they listen, if they love you, theyll accept that

  6. You can ask them to read the book before making any decisions.
    If they are unwilling to listen, then there is nothing you can explain to them.
    If you are a minor you should respect their wishes.
    If Wicca is your path, it will be there when you are an adult.

  7. I am sorry you are going through this. My mother disapproved of my curiosity about the pagan religions while I was still a minor. As soon as I moved out, though, I bought my first book (Celebrate the Seasons) and a deck of tarot cards. I haven’t looked back since or regretted my path. I am very active in my pagan community and my parents have learned to love me and respect me anyway. Hang in there. I wish you good luck and hope you are free to express whatever religion/spiritual beliefs you embrace in the future.

  8. I went through sort of the same thing with my parents.
    But I found if I came to them acting like an adult they treated me like one, I gave them good reasons to listen to me.
    The most important thing to do is stay calm and NEVER raise your voice, and you also gain points if you don’t hide things.
    I also gave them a book I had which explained the beliefs, I had already told them about, in more detail.
    And if you don’t have any books you can still do research on your own and come to them with what you have found.
    And be prepared, it may take a little while for them to accept it, so go slow and don’t rush them. .
    But before you do this is have to really make sure this is what you want because there is nothing worse than saying you want this and your parents listen to you then you change your mind a few months later, they won’t take you seriously the second time.
    It helped me, I’m 17 now and my parents have fully accepted my beliefs, they are actually very proud of me for finding my own beliefs.
    Good luck and I hope that helps!

  9. what book was it?? Im sorry lol i know its not an answer or something you were looking for however, after learning how completely dreadful my old religion (christianity) was i started looking up what i could find online about Wicca. So, if that book of yours is good, or explains it more in depth than a blog lol could i have the title of it? or, do you know any good sites?!
    anything helps! <3
    BTW: the best of lucks to you my friend. I am terribly sorry to hear what has happened.

  10. Schedule a time with them to have a serious sit down talk. Get their agreement to let you have your say without interruptions before you begin. The most important thing when doing this is not to lose your temper, or your composure. Hopefully if you act as an adult they will treat you as one. Not knowing your parents I couldn’t say. Explain to them that you love them and no matter what you choose as a religion that that fact will not change. Obviously if you want to practice Wicca then there must have been something in Christianity that didn’t satisfy your religious needs. Explain that to them. Tell them what it is in Wicca that draws your attention…and I hope for your sake it’s something more than the novelty or “Cool magic powers”. If it seems that they still are not going to understand or accept your choice, and you should be able to tell from their facial expressions, assure them that you will not “practice” under their roof. Afterall outside in the backyard, or in the nearest park or wooded area is not under their roof. But I would make it clear to them that just because you are not “practicing” under their roof, does not change the fact of what you choose to be. In reality though they can effectively make your life a pain…constant monitoring, groundation, searching your room and things, they cannot change what you choose as your religion, only you can do that. If you can stand continuing to attend church services with them it would probably go a long way towards keeping the peace. *smiles wickedly* Afterall the Lord and Lady don’t mind where you worship them. So when you’re singing praises to God, just redirect the love and attention to your personal god or goddess in your mind and heart… I promise they don’t mind.
    One thing to keep in mind is that while you live under your parent’s roof you are somewhat confined to their rules and regs. However, what you learn/memorize cannot be taken from you. Tools are not necessary to worship/practice.


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