I want to start meditating but i've heard of people saying evil can come into your body by meditation?





Dont be rude im new to the whole meditation thing and i dont know much about it. I just want to know weather its possible or not.


  1. Do not worry. No harm will come to you if you meditate.
    If it makes you feel better you can imagine a protective bubble around you for a while.
    People who tell you these kinds of things are ignorant and afraid of things that they do not understand.
    Try some of the meditations at the website below.
    Take care.

  2. Absolutely no harm can come to you by meditating. It is an ancient art practiced by people for thousands of years. When you meditate, you connect to your subconscious mind, to your higher self, not to some external and invisible entity.

  3. Hi!
    Jose Silva, who discovered the Silva Method of meditation was catholic and the first place where he started teaching his meditation techniques was his church.
    Check out the article of a religious leader who practiced meditation by the link below

  4. First and foremost, don’t listen to people like Chris. What he is saying is incorrect, and it is frankly at least as much of a crock as it is harmful. First, the undisputable facts. Meditation has the following physical benefits:
    Increased resilience against stress, increased immune function, decreased stress response, increase activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (which triggers the relaxation response), all of which have the benefit of decreased insomnia, decreased anxiety, better heart function, anddecreased blood pressure.
    The cognitive benefits of meditation include increased emotional attunement to others (nothing paranormal–it simply stimulates and strenthens the social circuitry in our brains), increased awareness of one’s own thoughts and emotions, the relationship between external events and one’s internal world (including how one’s perceptions affect one’s experience), quicker detection of the signs of injury, stress, illness, and strain (awareness of one’s own body brings this).
    Every world religion has a tradition of meditation which roughly corresponds to the samatha practice of Buddhism. That is to say, all major world religions have a form of centering and stabilizing meditation. A brief comparison of all of them show that they all revolve around the practice of resting the mind on a single object: a mantra, a sensation, a passage of text, an external object, and bringing the mind to a state of unified peace Where Buddhism expands the meditation practice is taking this centering practice and applying it to gain insight on the nature of oneself and the world around him/her.
    These practices do not open you up to evil. In fact, the more you practice, the more you turn away from evil because you see what it does to you.

  5. >> i’ve heard of people saying evil can come into your body by meditation<< That's a good data point, because now you know that all of those people are complete morons. There's nothing wrong with meditating. By the way, you need to get a little better at thinking for yourself.

  6. If you mean like demons, demons in the Christian sense do not exist as far as my studies have shown. People say meditation is evil because one can quite their mind and find their enlightenment and nirvana from it. Meditation can cause free thinking and individuality which is pretty much considered evil by Christianity. The Buddha meditated and so did Muhammad and they were not evil at all. The Buddha actually was one of the most amazing people to ever live in my own opinion.

  7. The person interested in meditating might start by trying to understand what it is meditation offers to make their life better, their heart more pure, their mind situated to lean toward appreciation. That is a way to begin. The way not to begin is to let the voice of others who know nothing about you or meditation, try to influence you with their domineering attitude. The evil, if there is evil, watching your moves is more likely coming from them than from within you.

  8. Narp. Absolutely impossible.
    Whoever told you this has never meditated and doesn’t understand what meditation is. You’re not trying to connect your mind to some kind of spirit world or nether-land. It’s not some magical or super-natural process.
    Meditation is used to learn mindfulness and self-reflection by quieting the mind. In doing so, you can’t become more “evil”. You can only come to a greater understanding about yourself and the world around you. And by coming to understand yourself you’ll come to understand that you don’t have evil in you. Every human being on Earth is fundamentally a good person, hatred and greed are all learned things that can be unlearned.
    Buy a book about meditation or download a free book about it from this website:

  9. sounds like you hang out with christians. dont worry about it, the worst thing that will happen if you sit in one place and let your mind wander for too long is you will get a cramp or realize your not spending enough money on beer

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