Home Discussion Forum I want to start learning magick. Any helpful advice?

I want to start learning magick. Any helpful advice?


  1. try the magic circle thats what all the magicians belong to it is some kind of club or union look it up on the web paul daniels is the chairman/president of it

  2. Keep a ‘lab notebook’ of what you do. Every spell you do, why you chose each symbol in it, the results that happened. And, while you’re at it, always aim for time-limited measurable results, so you can tell if it works or not!

  3. My only advice is to learn what seems reasonable to you. I for example don’t believe that tying toads together with string will keep the IRS away, or other enemies, or whatever the hell it’s supposed to do. I do believe that massage is free and quite therapeutic. I believe hypnosis has power over the mind (guided autosuggestion, not ‘mesmerism rays’ or any BS like that) and can be useful. I believe brainwashing has shown us things about the human mind and could be used constructively. I believe herbalism is often valid. But that’s the stuff I believe. Do what you think could work. Wicca seems to be about taking what will work and dumping the rest. So ask yourself what you’re trying to get and then take what seems to work for that. And if a theist, some Muslim or Xtian, tells you to turn away from Satan or what not, just try not to laugh at the blind hypocrisy of their position.—Corey, spelling ‘mages’ instead of ‘magi’ makes you sound pretentious.

  4. Nothing you’re going to like to hear. Spelling magic with a k makes you look pretentious. You don’t have to try to specify that way, everyone knows you don’t mean stage illusions.
    Secondly, the only thing magic can do is alter your own mood through the placebo effect. You might be able to boost your own confidence, but it’s through completely natural means. If you find rituals and whatnot enriching for your life, then that’s excellent, you should go ahead and do them. They can bring you peace of mind, a sense of spirituality, and a connection with your environment. But there will be no supernatural results. Sorry. If magic were real, then not only would wizard be a career, but the army would deploy combat mages.

  5. Magic is nothing but nonsense.it has
    absolutely no effect,otherwise you think
    the authorities would allow such a power
    being used without any control,as in middle

  6. Oh my, what a bunch of nonsense you got here.
    Anyways, just as Matt already said, you first would need to determine which path you want to go and also what your aims are. what do you want to do with Magick. If you want to learn how to create and throw fireballs, well then you may want to look for something else. Different paths have different ways and backgrounds. Now, Magick as done within the O.T.O. is bound into the Religion of Thelema. Some people see it more as a philosophy but as you see, the approach is slightly different.
    Magic(k) in the Golden Dawn tradition is not necessarily linked to a specific religion. Some orders or groups have a rather Christian context, due to the GD history. But mainly the religious background of the magus is not that relevant. Then you have Wicca, which also is a religion which does not require its members to perform Magick but a lot of Wiccans do. You will find ritual and ceremonial work in all of these but Wiccans also do spells and Candle Magick etc, which you would not have that much in Thelema or the GD. There are many other systems (Enochian, Chaos Magick…) but all of them would require to have some practice in the general field.
    There are many groups, orders, lodges out there which may help you. As I Said, it deopends on what you are looking for. There are also a lot of solitary practitioners. Search for some forums (also here on yahoo).
    If you are interested in the Golden Dawn, there are several different big orders. They differ in their ways although based on the same Tradition.
    One last thing, following the path of the light, performing Ritual Magick does not contradict any religion, irrespective what people tell you. Through the rituals we invoke the divine forces. Without these a magus would be incapable of doing anything. Your will and your intent alone is relevant. As you can see, a lot of the rituals are build on ancient traditions. You will read about Isis and Osiris, maybe Pan, Maat, etc. These are rather references to specific divine aspects or representations for divine powers, the elements, planets etc than calls upon the ancient god and goddesses (for most of us at least). But also here, it depends what your will and intent is like…
    In any case, you need to be prepared for a lot of studying. You need to be patient. You need to continue practicing and gaining experience before you may get any results. You may feel some change within you in the beginning but only continuously following and working the path will cause real change.
    Good luck with your search,
    In L.V.X.


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