I want to start doing Yoga, is this something I would be able to do at home?

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I would like to start doing yoga, but because of a long commute to and from work I don’t have much time. Is this something that I would be able to do at home reading from a book or watching instructional DVD’s? Or is this something that needs to be done with an instructor?

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teddy b

Yoga can be done at home.I have a Pilates/Yoga DVD that I do at home.Whenever I feel too tired and kinda sick to be at the gym(I work there) I go home and I do pilates,it’s with yoga,so it relaxes me a bit.


no you can do it at home but of course with an instructor it’s far much better he will correct you if you make mistakes and I think you will be better with him (I do Yoga so..) any way it’s a great experience and I hope you enjoy it!
take care!


there have to be millions of videos out there for yoga, you can just check amazon and have it shipped to your home. Or there might be a show on television, check that out, you are already paying for it. As for me, I too have a long commute, but to and from school and long days, but I found that going through the gym at school and doing yoga there that it keeps me going and keeps me from getting off track.
now if you are able to keep with a program in the privacy of your own home go for it, but if you can go to a gym or something of the sorts I say it is worth it, plus if you are doing anything wrong or something doesnt feel right you have an instructor at you disposal as opposed to a video that is only one sided
good luck and enjoy


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