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I want to start doing yoga at home. How do i get started?

I work out the gym for an hour to two every day, i eat right, but i still dont lose weight. I have been stressing alot and i’m told that might be why my body wont let go of these unwanted pounds i’m packing. (15lb) i was told to try yoga to relax and it should help my body, but how do i get started? i want to do it at home, in my bedroom, where i can be alone and truly relax. Please help.


  1. Rodney Yee has wonderful DVD’s and videos. Many levels of skill available & in beautiful settings. Great stuff.

  2. ask around to some friends for some dvds of yoga they recommend….or go to a few classes to learn the basics then you can do it at home yourself….

  3. Try searching info in internet. I have included a link below. Go to a book store or a fitness store & get information.

  4. buy/rent some books and/or videos from a store or form the library… wherever and books will give u good tips and show u useful positions but videos are much more relaxing b/c u dnt have to flip the page everytime u want to do sumthing else.
    I use yoga booty ballet… which is like relaxing then a workout then a strengthworkout and ends with more relaxation- i use them quite often but books are good to read to understand wut to think about and how ur body should be comfortable ect.
    good luck!!


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