I want to start doing some Yoga but which style do i choose?

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I know they’re loads of different styles of Yoga but does it really matter which i choose? i have ADHD and im hyper all the time, getting into trouble and i need to calm myself, i found out Yoga is the best thing for the job. So what would you recommend for me? i plan on doing Yoga for the rest of my life because of the fantastic benefits plus i need to control myself if im to get anywhere in the world, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Lindsay B

just visit some local studios in your area. some of them should have a free class you can try.


Since there are so many yoga methods this really is a matter of personal choice. I found this article that talks about 10 or so methods. I highly recommend you read it and see what “fits” your interests. Looks like there are other links in that article to even more good yoga information so check that out too.

Dances with Buddha

The descriptions of various styles at following limk may help you get an idea as to what sounds appealing, but don’t be surprised if there does not happen to be an instructor near you for that particular style.
My own opinion is that finding a teacher you connect with is more important than than individual style, so you may want to sample whatever is available near you.


To relax and live in peace the rest of your life, I suggest that you go with hatha yoga. It combines yoga poses and deep breathing exercises. It’s very effective for you. You can take this good free yoga e-course also:


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