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I want to see where on Internet can I find stuff about yoga?

I looked everywhere I can,but they only say books that I can read and where can I find them and other stuff.I never found anywhere where I could see what I should think while yoga,what poses am I supposed to do,please help,I really want to learn yoga!Thanks!


  1. I am a yoga instructor-Glad to hear you want to learn. It is the best!! There are some wonderful DVD’s out there, just to learn the basics, which can be used in almost any style of yoga. There are several. Try a beginner DVD and see what you think. Look around your area for classes. Prices can go from low to very high-All depends on the studio and the teacher. Remember, you do not have to pay more for good instruction, nor do you need a fancy studio. It all boils down to the basics. An informed, educated teacher with patience, a mat and time. Yoga made such a dramatic change in my life-I used it initially for stress relief-ended up loving it and becomeing certified to teach-now I have almost finished with my National Registration. And I am longer, leaner, in 2 sizes smaller, with out a dramatic weight loss. My body just changed for the better.Try it and stick with it!!!

  2. got to search and put in yoga also wal-mart has a dvd that is great it comes with a book to learn the right way to do each steps i think i paid 9.00 for it . you will like yoga it great. books amillion got lots of books on yoga and its not really high either. i like the dvd with a book on how to do the steps


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