i want to remodle my aparment to a japanese theme any Ideas?






I’m a single guy and I’m looking to get an apartment so I’m slowly buying stuff. I want to do a Japanese theme through out the whole place I love the country, people, and culture. I want to be surronded by the relaxing and theraputic aura. I don’t know where to start or what to buy I need lots of help any one know of good website or what I should buy?


  1. I would suggest looking through some images on the Internet of Japanese architecture to inspire you. Lanterns, bamboo, futons, and zen gardens are great items to reflect your interest for Japanese culture. Ikea.com has a great selection of modern Asian furniture.
    Hope I helped!

  2. This is typicality of traditional Japanese room. Tatami mat for floor and sliding door are needed.
    This is not joke. Generally speaking tatami may be indispensable. But it may be hard to get it in U.S. If so it’s worth to consider constructing (buit in) tokonoma only.
    (Click the drawing picture of above then you can get rough image of Japanese room.)
    other tokonoma images

  3. You’ll need to make a cleared out space near the front door to leave your shoes at. Take the toilet out of the bathroom, and put it in its own separate room (Japanese homes rarely have the toilet and tub in the same room). Get rid of your oven. Again, another rarity in Japanese homes. What’s nice though, is that almost every apartment will have a washer connection.
    These are just some examples of how real Japanese live, not the fashionable, trendy ones.

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