I want to read a book on Buddha. Do you know which is the best book to read?

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I need a book which mentions Buddha’s teachings and must motivate me in attaining peace and success. Do you know any effective book on Buddha? Thank You. Rohit Roy.

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Siddhartha is good. It is kind of like another buddha in the making while the real buddha exists. It is about another siddhartha (buddha’s original name) who goes out an a journey very similar to buddha’s to find his way.


There are many wonderful books about Buddha and his teachings. My favorite is “It’s Easier Than You Think” by Sylvia Boorstein.
This book has several virtues. First, it’s written by a senior Western teacher of Buddhism. As a result, it captures the warmth, wit, and wisdom of this ancient tradition.
Also, it completely avoids jargon and sectarian bias — something that’s not so easy.
Finally, it’s short and easy to read — important qualities for an introductory book.
Best wishes in your (re)search!

mark s

Awakening the Buddha within
by Lama Surya Das
very down to earth, full of The Buddhas wisdom and a genuine guide to help you understand and practice buddist principles.


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