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I want to read a book on Buddha. Do you know which is the best book to read?

I need a book which mentions Buddha’s teachings and must motivate me in attaining peace and success. Do you know any effective book on Buddha? Thank You. Rohit Roy.


  • Awakening the Buddha within
    by Lama Surya Das

    very down to earth, full of The Buddhas wisdom and a genuine guide to help you understand and practice buddist principles.

  • There are many wonderful books about Buddha and his teachings. My favorite is “It’s Easier Than You Think” by Sylvia Boorstein.

    This book has several virtues. First, it’s written by a senior Western teacher of Buddhism. As a result, it captures the warmth, wit, and wisdom of this ancient tradition.

    Also, it completely avoids jargon and sectarian bias — something that’s not so easy.

    Finally, it’s short and easy to read — important qualities for an introductory book.

    Best wishes in your (re)search!

  • Siddhartha is good. It is kind of like another buddha in the making while the real buddha exists. It is about another siddhartha (buddha’s original name) who goes out an a journey very similar to buddha’s to find his way.

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