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I want to reach a state of higher consciousness. I don't have acces to dmt, what techniques, meditations work?


  1. Higher consciousness? You mean you want to start paying attention to the world around you? It’s easy. Put down the cell and the ipod and the lipstick and the mcmuffin and pay attention.

  2. I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I’ve always thought that stuff about meditation was a bunch of crap. I suggest you make love to your spouse all night long and get this ridiculous longing of yours out of your system.

  3. Go into a quiet place where you can sit with your back straight, or lie down, depending on your preference. Concentrate on the crown chakra, if you know what it is. If not, bring your attention to the center of your forehead. Imagine golden sphere which is rotating in your forhead. Imagine its golden light removing all blockages( black colored in your mind’s eye). Keep your attention on your sphere as you slowly breathe in and out. Do not try to control your breathing, it will be regulated on its own, once you have reached proper relaxation, which you should be able to reach within 17 minutes. Any thoughts that come into your mind, slowly, gently push away, don’t treat them as an enemy. Keep bringing your attention to the golden sphere in your forehead. Most importantly, don’t build up any expectations. Those three: expectations, resistance to thoughts, attempt to control the breathing are the typical mistakes of a beginning mediator. Before you start, make sure what your expectations are. Concentrate on the need to receive the message from the higher self, but not on its contents. Do not try to limit the area to which the message belongs, it might restrict the amount of information you would have otherwise receive. Do not expect any physical information: you will not necessary see or hear or smell. Your higher self talks in concepts. If you received certain knowledge from somewhere, that is the surest indication you talked to your higher self. Also, it takes 3-4 days for the first time to assimilate the information. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come the first time. Keep meditating, consider it a good mental exercise for the sake of spiritual development and try not to expect more than that. Follow those guidelines and communication would go smoothly. You might also experience something not mentioned in those “rules.” This is only natural, you are unique, so your way of communication is likewise unique. Good Luck.

  4. First of all…kudos to Ishamael for a serious, respectful answer!
    Second…I do meditate every day and it’s helped me become more relaxed, yet more focused, plus have increased awareness of the physical world as well as its subtleties. But that’s just me. Here’s a few methods I’ve tried and enjoyed. Hope you enjoy them as well. If none of them suit you, remember there are tons of other methods out there, including anything that comes naturally to you and puts you in a state of relaxation and focus. Namaste!
    >Yoga is a great way to start, as your body can assist in your mental practice. I found it to be a great way to calm my mind down so I could settle into a good meditation afterward
    >Heart Rhythm Meditation (http://www.appliedmeditation.org/holistic.shtml)
    Coordinating your breathing to your heart beat. Very good for centering and learning about yourself.
    >Chanting can be a great way to quiet the mind. Here’s some info on one I just tried:

  5. The potential is within all humans. A little bit of guidance helps avoiding wasteful attempts and pitfalls that is all. Otherwise, no hurdles in even evolving by oneself.
    The self awareness is the basic tool. Being a witness to oneself as much as possible, and maintaining it with greater alertness, enhances this possibility of higher consciousness, in proportion to the intensity of involvement.
    The indications of progress are found in the ability to consciously keep the mind’s activity at the barest minimum , at will !

  6. Ishmael and Jenfleur gave you quality responses, and I have two follow-up suggestions: Buy the book, “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, which is a rather wonderful “workbook” of ideas for shedding layers of earth-bound mentalities and slipping into the creative depths of your soul in order to free the higher selves within in creative flow. Then, if there is one in your area, anonymously attend a “Science of Mind” church session, which teaches the types of things Ishmael and Jenfleur suggest, as well as espousing the idea that miracles are the natural order, that we are pieces of Infinite Good (unlimited in our power for Good in the manifested world), and other Quantum physics/metaphysical principles (Meta means “beyond”). Hope this message is uplifting…


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