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I want to paint my garage door red, it faces northeast. Is this ok with Feng Shui?

Just remodeled my garage, and want to paint the garage door red. Is this ok in terms of Feng Shui? The door faces Northeast. My favorite color is red, the walls are white, with white cabinents. I want an accent.
I also have a victory red 2006 corvette that will always be parked inside.


  1. the thing with northeast and southwest in fengshui is that it is known to the chinese that this is the path where the spirits pass through. and in my experience, it is better to leave it alone or paint it white or just avoid painting it bright red, yellow or orange. why? bec these colors and constant movement (like have a clock or moving water or a pet living in this location) can activate this making you experience weird things. i got a friend who has a door facing southwest, and she also read a fengshui book that she should paint the a steep stairs red – while this is true in fengshui as a cure, she also activated the sw-ne line, and weird things has been happening in her home. she has seen ghost appearing and disappearing. she painted the stairs again to make them white, and it seems to work, bec she hasnt had those odd happenings lately.


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