I want to meet some one who has openned his/her third eye open and can see everything and see also in future?

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I am Avinash Rawal from India I have done some Reiki Courses and have taken some Kundalini classes and do medition everyday. But I am feeling blockage in my body and they are not curing. I have taken many times healing session from other healers but my blockage still there. please guide me how can I remove my blockage or who can help me to remove them. Please cure me and help me.
And also I want to meet some one who has openned his/her third eye open and can see everything and see also in future.and has six senses like that.
you can reaply me this email address or : avinashrawal100@msn.com and avinashrawal14@gmail.com
Hope you reply me soon

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There is no such thing as a ‘third eye’ or ‘seeing the future,’ or even a ‘sixth sense’ for that matter. If you’re sick, then go see a doctor. Somebody putting their hands on you and muttering won’t help at all.

Mine Eyes


Look what I can do...

You pose a difficult question and have already received many different answers. I will give you mine.
Pain comes from clinging on to things that are changing. (Buddhism)
I find comfort by letting go of my self. I am selfless.
I concentrate on helping others.
I find no “blockage,” in that.


screw the third eye, i went straight to the 6th.
i can see all pink and shinny things, FEAR MY POWER!


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