I want to learn tantra!!!!!!!!!!!?

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How do you do it? Can you give me some pointers? What is tantra about? How can it help one’s sex life?
Can anyone tell me their experiences with tantra? Did it help you become closer to your lover?
Give me the scoop!

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I have no idea but I could probably help you practice.

Leroy J

There is a thing called google. Use it.


Haha… Learn the Kegel exercises. Supposedly some Tibetan monks can use Tantra to stimulate themselves to orgasm with that.


It can improve your sex life. There are many who offer workshops in this meditation.


Ask Sting 😉


I think tantra is when your having sex and you come really close to cuming then stop before you cum. Then you take a few minutes to cool down and then your start back up again. You keep doing these for like 7hrs then when you come its suppose to be really good.


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