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i want to learn some tai chi chuan in China , any good advice?

i read a lot about chinese culture and found that tai chi chuan is something valuable. so i want to learn it but i don’t know any details so ask for advice, by the way i’m in China, and i plan to take one year travelling here.


  1. wearing something sporty and relax~~~and find an instructor to teach you the form (it doesnt matter if you choose Yang style or Chen style or other styles but i suggest Chen style). Also i dont know which city you are going to stay . if you come to Hangzhou (the capital city of Zhejiang province), China then you can contact me. i would like to be your instructor. for more details you can visist http://www.learntaichichuan.com
    have a nice trip : )

  2. hi there…look this http://www.foreignercn.com/index.php/action_viewnews_itemid_5572.html
    The word Tai Chi first appeared in Book of Changes of the Zhou Dynasty. The essay says: “Where there is Tai Chi, there is peace and harmony between the positive and the negative.” Tai Chi means supremacy, absoluteness, extremity and uniqueness. Tai Chi Quan takes its name for the implication of superiority. Tai Chi Quan got its name when Shanxi secular Wushu master Wang Zongyue used the philosophy of the positive and negative from the Book of Changes to explain the principles of the Chuan-http://www.chinavoc.com/kungfu/cbox_taiji.htm


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