Home Discussion Forum I want to learn relaxation and meditation, where can I start?

I want to learn relaxation and meditation, where can I start?

I need basics, are there any good books to help to learn how to relax and or meditate?
I want to learn.
I need to obviously start out with basics.
Is there anything you can tell me? do you practice relaxation/meditation?
I have practiced guided imagery. I like that.
I appreciate your answers in advance 🙂 Thanks:)


  1. Hi Ella, I always wanted to practice meditation but I had so much trouble focusing and not twitching or having my mind wander on me.
    I came across Holosync meditation which is listening to sounds that cause our brain to move into the desired states, deeper as we become more experienced.
    I love it and have found this to be very effective for me, although it’s not cheap. For me it was worth it because….I’m worth it! lol

  2. Get a good meditation CD, one that does guided meditation. as your body gets use to it, you can stop using the cd. Also try to focus on a candle flame, that has worked for me in the past

  3. Hi…
    A friend of mine has a free booklet (the whole website is non-commercial – everything is for free) on how to do a stress release exercise and also has a support group in yahoogroups for questions and answers. He has around 50 years practise in meditation and thus is a great resource for anybody. I put in the source field below the link to the free booklet.


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