I want to learn real magick, no BS no tricks I'm talking the real deal. Who can/will help me?

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I know I have the power I can feel it in me. I lack direction, discipline and knowledge to go any further than books and false exercises that shroud the world around me have taken me. I am in south/central MN and I am looking for a REAL teacher.

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Yoda died in Star Wars Episode VI


All I know is Voodoo. Sorry.


When I got to this point in my studies I went through a guided meditation to call on a spirit guide from my chosen path (for me it’s faeries, but for you its probably something else). I’ve learned more from my spirit guide than I have ever learned from any flesh and blood teacher. You might want to look into a meditation to help point you in the right direction. I’ve also noticed that when you’re ready to move to the next level, a teacher will often find you.


Check out witchvox.com. Then take it from there.

many owls

It doesn’t exist. Put down harry potter please.


Can anyone tell me how to use psychic powers?

Telekinesis,Telepathy,Remote viewing,Meditation,ect.

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I wanna be a Shaman were can i start?

cactus, so are you telling me i might already be a shaman and dont even know it yet?
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