Home Discussion Forum i want to learn meditation. but which one?

i want to learn meditation. but which one?

i want to learn meditation. As i searched there is 2types of meditation one, zen and another is buddhist type. but i guess all goes to similar path increasing attention and sharpening your mind with peace.
would you help me about basic instructions and which one is better for me zen or buddhist one? and what is benefits of meditation generally?
thank you


  1. Zen is a type of Buddhism.
    There are many different types. The best option is to try to find a teacher, or some tapes or downloads, and experiment until you find a type that suits.

  2. Try both, see which one you prefer.
    Personally I’m pretty much Buddhist so I start by sitting comfortably (I prefer a chair) relaxing tension in every part of my body then using mind clearing techniques (such as focusing on breath or just noticing thoughts as clouds in you mind and letting them go), before beginning to use this clear state of mind to contemplate something.
    I would agree that it is easier with some kind of instruction so look around for a local meditation class, if not you can get some guided meditation CDs.
    The benefit is a state of mind in which you can think clearly about something; it therefore depends what you contemplate. For instance contemplating compassion will give help you be more compassionate and the numerous benefits that come with that.
    General benefits from clearing you mind include generally thinking more clearly, being less stressed, more relaxed, greater control of your mind and in my opinion increased happiness.

  3. As another person said, Zen is one type of Buddhist meditation. Fortunately, Zen meditation is very easy to learn. Once you learn it, all you have to do is . . . do it!
    This video will tell you how to do Zen meditation – it’s quite clear and simple:
    If you practice Zen meditation daily, you will become intimately familiar with how your mind functions to create problems. As this occurs, your natural wisdom, compassion, generosity, and kindness will come forward. You will suffer less, and you’ll create fewer problems for the people around you. This is the point of Buddhism.
    Best wishes in your practice!


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