I want to learn how to channel my energy more info inside?






This is not all about fighting etc….. I have a VERY powerful aura and I would like to know how to use it
so my question is… are there any ways I can be taught how to use it? I hear Tai Chi is centered around this but I want to know more….
I have sent my aura over 100 miles away before, to comfort my best friend and I cannot do it anymore. I want to know how to channel my energy like that again, whether Its fighting or calming….
Basically I want to know how to….. this is exaggerated of course….
1 put my aura/energy into my attacks in a way….
2 comfort friends who live far away by enveloping them in my aura protecting them….
This is a serious question please respect it.
Sorry about the punctuation and everything else English was never my best class….
Thank you for understanding.
Poopy…. go burn… i’m not in the mood…


  1. Find a class?
    A good teacher is not common, but there are plenty of people out there that you can learn something from.
    There are schools of spiritual power in every major society… there are also energy classes…
    Shamanism, Tibetan Spirituality, Reiki, Qigong, Hawaiian Spirituality, Mexican Sorcery, There are too many to list. Sometimes you can find energy and spiritual power in martial arts. If you know enough you can learn from ‘yourself’. Just ask around.

  2. Not disrespecting you, it’s just I don’t and never will believe in stuff like that. Sorry, I can’t help you. However, I did laugh at Poopy’s answer.

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