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I want to learn how to astral project?

In the past weeks i’ve been feeling an urge withink myself to get more in contact with my spiritual self. I have been having the 11:11 experience and I want to start to astral project or to do something like it but i dont know how. Can you plz tell me how? and i’ve also heard that I have to learn how to protect/shield myself first? does anyone know more about this? THANX!


  1. I had it happen to me several times years back. Note, I didn’t say I did it. I said it happened to me. I didn’t like it because it was weakening my desire to be here to finish this lifetime and I had kids to raise. Heck, the last time it happened I was walking and almost got run over by a car. So I made it clear that I didn’t appreciate being snatched off this plane and to knock it the heck off, that I would be there by and by but not now, and it stopped. So though I’ve done it, I can’t tell you how. I also can’t see why you would want it, even if it’s in your total control. Seems to me doing what we have to do here is job enough for this lifetime. But if you do want it, there are lots of articles about it on the web, and there are books. Be careful what you wish for; you just may get it.


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