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i want to know if any one here have summoned a succubus before?

yea i really believe in that i know its true but i want to like do it with someone i know that before summoning one i should learn a banishing spell/exorcism any way if there’s someone out there who have tried it before or wants to try it please tell me/email and i do know they suck life force out of you but im 18 my life is boring i need to do something excinting and ive been reading and learning about this stuff since i was small so if n-e one want to try dis with me just tell me thnx alot


  • I have been trying to summons a succubus for awhile now.
    I would LOVE to have a succubus visit me on a regular basis.
    If you are successful, PLEASE let me know what you did that worked.
    I have been doing the summons ritual that I found in here. It is called the 10 easy steps to summons a succubus. I think I might be getting close though. For the last couple of weeks, I keep feeling as if someone is with me when ever I’m alone. A couple of times I felt something run their hands over my chest and downward.
    If you get a succubus to visit you, please tell her that you know someone else who would LOVE to be visited. I’ll do the same for you.

  • summoning a demon is a very risky thing to do and yes some people have manage to summon one to their demise………………

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