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I want to know how to cleanse or get rid of bad/negative energy/feelings?

Lately i just have been having a rough and terrible time dealing with friendships and relationships. I wish i could get rid of all these negative feelings.


  1. Try making a solution of sea salt and water about half water to half salt and letting it sit out in your home until completely evaporated.
    The salt is supposed to enclose the negative energy within itself and then as the water evaporates the negative energy evaporates with it.

  2. Don’t know how old you are so it’s hard to say. Do you have parents to talk to? What is going on in your life? How about a clergyman? If you truly need help there is always a hotline at your local health dept.

  3. Take time to set back, relax & take deep breaths in & out, think positive thoughts & if u can learn meditation it helps tremendiously.


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