Home Discussion Forum i want to know how the lgbt community feels about astrology?

i want to know how the lgbt community feels about astrology?


  1. There’s at least a bit of truth to it. If not, I don’t think it would have continued to be around for so long.
    As far as descriptions of people and their signs – with me and my partner – it’s always DEAD ON!

  2. If psychics were real, at least one of the thousands of psychics that existed would have predicted 9/11. My uncle’s horoscope said on 9/11/01 that it was his lucky day and that he was prone to economic success that day. As you know, stocks plummeted on wall street that day. And he lost his office on one of the WTC towers. So yeah. No offense to any astrologists, but “psychics” usually use very ambiguous and generalized guesswork in their “predictions” that can apply to basically anyone.
    I went to a “psychic” once, and she said that in the near future, I had to make an important decision that would either have negative or positive consequences. -_- Are you f’ing kidding me?! I make important decisions all the time! Even my Catholic grandma could’ve told me that!

  3. Mostly for entertainment I guess. My horoscope is never right, but the descriptions of my sign fit me perfectly. I’m such a Libra.


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